Over on the official Android blog, Google have announced a new open source application that will be part of their apps-for-android project.

AndroidGlobalTime, developed by a Google engineer is a simple 3D world clock. The application serves as a solid illustrative example of how to properly use the OpenGL API's in Android apps.

Apps for Android is basically a sample collection of open source applications, that will allow them to demonstrate the many aspects and possibilities of the Android platform.

The first of these apps to be announced was Wikinotes.

The hugely popular Tune Wiki has announced has a media player version for the android platform. Key features will include an easy-to-use iPhone style interface along with iTunes syncing support and their well known karaoke-like lyrics functionality.

You can find out more information on the Tune Wiki project by watching the following video.

here's been a lot of talk recently about just when and where we can expect to see the Android platform officially up and running on a netbook. With rumors and speculation involving many of the top netbook vendors, including the likes of Asus, Acer, MSI and HP.

Up until now Dell have remained very much tight-lipped in regards to any future Android netbooks, but according to the software company Bsquare, a Dell Android netbook is very much on the cards.

Bsquare have today issued a press release confirming that they will be porting Adobe's Flash Lite 3.17 technology onto Android powered Dell netbooks.

“Integrating Adobe Flash technology with the functionality of Google’s Android platform on the full range of Netbook devices will allow our OEM customers to meet the high expectations their customers have of this new industry segment,” said Bsquare’s CEO Brian Crowley.

Sadly the press release doesn't shed anymore light on the Dell netbooks, but hopefully it won't be too long before we start to hear some official announcements.

Source: Engadget.com