At one point or another, we’ve all been there. Whether we’ve played the role of the well-rehearsed and overly-prepared public speaker, or the underwhelmed and slightly disinterested audience member, we’ve all sat through a conference where the level of engagement suffers because of a lack of interaction. Unfortunately, it’s the nature of a world where everything, from DVD menu screens to train-station ticket booths, clamours for our interactive touch.

Thankfully, for the public speaker worried about audience engagement, there are a number of products available that utilise an audience response system; a unique technology that not only captures the attention of your audience, but also makes them feel valued and appreciated.

One of the best ways to achieve a higher level of productivity in your conferences is to provide your audience members with a portable microphone. This not only ensures that you can successfully hear the responses and contributions of your audience members, but also helps to promote a smoother and more professional event. The ‘IML Connector’ is a great example of a workable product that manages to give your audience a voice, as well as enabling them to contribute visually through a 2.4 OLED colour display and a full QWERTY keyboard.

A further way to stimulate the minds and fingers of your audience is to provide them with a fully interactive voting system. This not only makes for a more responsive conference experience, but also enables you to gain real-time data from the people whose opinion you value most. The ‘IML Communicator’ is an audience response system that allows for such interaction, and is a product that also benefits from an in-built conference microphone to help contribute to the professional flow of that important event.

In today’s globally-connected world, audience interaction is one of the most important factors of any successful conference. Your listeners need to take an active role in such events, and a colourful PowerPoint presentation does little to provide this. By listening and responding to the views, opinions and ideas of your audience, you can stage a successful and immersive conference experience that will unlock even the most passive of listeners.

Gone are the days of the Apple ruling the Smartphone application market, with its App Store. Google ensures it’s foothold in the competitive market with its own Android Market, churning out one great application after the other. With a massive range from useful utilities, addons, games, entertainment, QR code generator and serious business niches, the Android application range is absolutely outstanding. What makes these apps so great? One word: Simplicity. Let’s have a look at some of the most widely used Android applications out there.

1.    Ringdroid – Make Your Own Ringtones


One amazing, intuitive and an addictive application designed exclusively for the Android platform, Ringdroid is a ringtone composing application, which allows you to mix and match your own tunes within seconds. An extremely simple, non-intimidating interface along with a great set of features, the Ringdroid is a must have for all Android users.

2.    Google Listen – Create Personalized Podcasts

Google Listen - Android Apps
Google Listen - Android Apps

If you’re an avid podcast audiophile, then you know how much it pricks to be on the move without the latest updates from your sources. Google Listen allows you to carry your podcasts on the move, letting you listen to the latest and hottest updates out there. The application also allows the user to save the episodes to the phone itself, allowing you to listen to them at leisure when you get time. A must have application for the podcast fanatic.

3.    WaveSecure – Anti-Theft Application

WaveSecuer - Android App
WaveSecuer - Android App

If you’re prone to losing your phones, WaveSecure helps you to retrieve it easily and helps to keep your data intact and secure from malignant attacks. With features like Remote Lock-Down, this clenches up all the info within the phone, WaveSecure maybe the ultimate solution to retrieving and securing data on lost phones.

4.    3DCoche – Dude, HERE’s my Car!

3dcoche - Android App
3dcoche - Android App

Lost your car in a huge parking lot? Can’t remember where you parked your car last? No need to go “Dude, Where’s My Car?” 3DCoche will help you find your car, faster than you can say its name. Using the application is ridiculously easy. Once you park your car, fire up the application and save your current location. The application makes use of Google Maps and Augmented reality, to remember and find your car. Interesting eh?

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When looking back on Motorola’s success (or shall we say, the lack thereof), it is plain to see that they needed to make something happen. Yes, they broke precious ground by giving us the RAZR, but since then, they have very little to show for their work. They have delivered a few thoughtful pieces of technology over the past couple of years, but to be honest, it looked to some like Motorola was taking a back seat to companies that it used to contend quite ferociously with.

But, as you probably did as well, I sat up on the edge of my seat to see the first commercial featuring the Droid. It was just a teaser, but my technological appetite was already craving it. In the commercials, you see a device that goes beyond normal smart phones. And, as you can also see, Motorola has teamed up with some very worthy allies in Verizon and Google. Verizon is one of the most liked phone networks in the world, and Google’s Android platform is breaking new ground every day, making Windows mobile fight for every last breath to stay alive. But, even when compared to the Blackberry and the iPhone, two of the leading smart-phones on the market, the Droid is intriguing enough to turn heads.

But, the big question remains - does the Droid have what it takes to beat out the competition, skyrocketing Motorola back to the top after years in the shadow? Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure - when three companies of this size and with this kind of talent team up together, you know that something big is about to happen and that is exactly what the Droid is - it is big! It might be a small device, but I guarantee that if you do not already own one, you drool over them every time you see one - is that enough to put Motorola back on top? I guess only time will tell for sure….

Does it ever seem that you cannot find a Mobile Broadband provider that you can actually trust? Just recently, it was said that findings suggested that poor 3G coverage by Nexus One was a cause for many complaints. There are those who are saying that T-Mobile, one of the biggest mobile phone companies, has the smallest 3G footprint, in the entire four U.S. Nationals! If these companies can draw headlines like this, then what are you going to do about your mobile broadband? Do you trust one of these Goliaths, or do you go with the little guy?

Well, it may not be as bad as you think. You need to find someone you can trust, though, to give you the real information on who is providing good mobile broadband coverage and who is not. Information is power, and since we are living in the new information age, why not start by getting the best broadband service that you can get? It is senseless to waste money on dead spots.  After all, would you buy a car if it would only run “in select areas”? That is completely absurd. For how much you pay for most mobile broadband, they should be able to give you the coverage you need.  I could understand dead spots if you were paying next to nothing for mobile broadband - but this is rarely, if ever, the case.

But when it comes to mobile broadband, you are not left to your own devices. There are Websites out there that can help you choose the mobile broadband that is best for you, and they are the Websites that should get your attention.

VoIP has become the requirement of every business circle, as they now understand the importance of IP phones. With the help of business VoIP solutions, the business units are now able to install a next generation IP phone system laced with marvelous features to enjoy within their respective organizations. On the other side, there is nothing required in terms of investment at hosted IP solutions.

Since the IP telephony services are draped with the most scalable, secure and reliable network services, they have turned into a logical alternative for many business organizations. Additionally,  the cost effectiveness and productivity become the intrinsic parts of these solutions. As the expansion of Internet telephony is seen widely in the bigwigs of business entities, it stands as a motivation for other small and medium sized businesses to settle on the same.

The communication suite that is attached to the business VoIP services lets the business users to take a complete joy-ride while sending and receiving phone calls, text, videos and images with gusto. Being dependent on a broadband Internet service, the users of VoIP are able to have a smooth and flawless communication on international level in more proficient manner than pre-existing PSTN services. These services revolve around a single IP network, which makes sure the efficient transmission of different ilk of multimedia content. ...continue reading Add Spices to Your Business with Business VoIP