Samsung has done a remake of one of their very popular smartphones, the Galaxy. This one is called the Galaxy Spica I5700. It offers some things its predecessor did not have. The details on the new Spica are here.

The "Galaxy Lite" as some call the Spica is a pint-sized unit. It is just 124 grams in weight. That is just 4.4 ounces if you are in the United States. It is 115 millimeters ( 4.5 inches ) tall. That is about average for today´s smartphones. It´s just over half an inch thick at 13.2 millimeters.

The screen takes up the major part of the front of the Samsung Spica. It is 3.2 inches in size when measured diagonally. It is the older TFT style, but is still bright. The resolution is rated at 320 by 480 pixels. It can do the now-familiar acrobats of changing the screen from a portrait to a landscape position just by turning the Spica on its side. This comes in handy with web pages and texting with the on-screen keyboard. The Samsung Spica does not have a manual keyboard.

The operating system on the Spica is running a nuclear-hot operating system; android. This is being installed on smartphones for nearly every manufacturer. It is open source and the people at google offer it for free to Samsung and other companies. The 2.1 version is now on the Spica. This offers the multitouch ability to pinch and zoom on the screen when using the web browser. The android platform can also track your contacts using GPS. You can track your finances, scan barcodes, download torrents and a host of other things. The ability to wipe your personal data is also included with android.

Samsung Galaxy Spica I5700
Samsung Galaxy Spica I5700

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For those who just like to be the underdog, the good people at HTC have created a smartphone for you. The HTC "Desire" is the surprise for all those who were looking to get a "Google phone". Take a quick look at the things the Desire, originally called the "Bravo", can do right here in this short article.

The speed, the looks, the operating system and even the screen size is the same on the Desire as it is on the much-acclaimed Google phone. The Desire is "desirable" for one extra reason, the "Sense" user interface. The optical trackpad is also superior.

The screen on the HTC Desire is 3.7 inches when measured diagonally. That is 9.4 centimeters for the readers who are using the metric system. It has super high resolution at 480 by 800 megapixels. The screen is at the top of its class in color choices. It can show sixteen million different colors. The AMOLED construction is superior to the old LCD style and uses ten per cent less energy from the battery for longer spaces between charges. The screen acrobatics are all there with multitouch, accelerometer and a proximity sensor. You can pinch and zoom and turn the screen all you like and the Desire follows you.

The important news on the HTC Desire is the Sense user "experience". This is a view of the more pleasing widget interface, rather than a basic Android interface. A few of the advantages of the Sense user interface is a widget displays your total agenda in one screen. The widget for the weather is displayed on your current position and is installed on the home screen. For your emails, you can view a list of all of the mail, instead of just one email at a time. This is similar to viewing SMS messages. In the WebKit browser some features are not readily apparent. Doing a long press on the screen over text will bring a selection bar into view. This will select the word you want to translate or to define and send it to google for crunching.

HTC Desire
HTC Desire

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Motorola has recreated themselves with the Motorola Droid. With the new life that this new smartphone has pumped into the company, you can expect more new things right around the corner. For now, take a look at the fact and features on this phone here.

The man who created smartphones, Martin Cooper, has the top knowledge on cell phones and he chooses to use a Motorola Droid. Is it just for marketing purposes ? The Droid has both a nice screen and a nice keyboard, backed up by lots of power and a great operating system. It is definitely the "cream of the crop" as far as smartphones go. Martin Cooper was probably dreaming of this twenty years ago.

The screen is luscious and bright. The resolution is way up there at 480 by 854 pixels. It is a very respectable 3.7 inches in size. It also has one of the highest number of colors you can get in a smartphone at 16.7 million colors. It performs all the "tricks" that a smartphone of this stature should be able to do. Multitouch allows you to pinch and zoom ( with android version 2.1 ), an accelerometer allows you to view the screen at vertical or horizontal angles and a proximity sensor shuts it down automatically when you are not using it. There are no negative surprises with the display.

Motorola Droid
Motorola Droid

The inside workings of the Motorola Droid are just as impressive. It has a 600 megahertz processor, 133 megabytes of internal storage and 256 megabytes of RAM. It connects to four different GSM bands and two on HSDPA for voice communication. For data communication there is everything you would need, except infrared, which people hardly use anyway. Wi-Fi is available in the "B" and "G" modes. Bluetooth connections have one protocol, the v2.1, with A2DP. The web browser connects to the web and give a good rendition of web pages. The browser is the WebKit model, which is a high quality browser with a good bit of speed.  ...continue reading Motorola Droid Review

Most of the best things about the new revolution that is happening in the world of technology is mostly happening in the cell phone arena. We have turned our cell phones from little communication devices, to full on workstations. Now, you are able to carry a device that has the power of a computer from a few years ago in your pocket. The amount of things that can be done with this kind of power is extraordinary. Some of the phones leading the way in this smart phone revolution are phones based on the android operating system. With the smooth touch screen interface, you are able to do multiple things on the phone while you are away from the office. This is what makes phones such as these, great to travel with. Let's go over a couple of reasons why you would do well using an android phone while you travel to distant places.

The first reason why you would want an Android phone for your traveling needs, is the service providers problem. Where the iPhone only allows phones to be legally connected to the ATT network, with an Android, you can use several different service providers. To get similar functionality out of the iPhone, you must have a phone that is jail broken. The Android phone providers also offer great network coverage for your data plans. You can access the internet no matter how far out you are. Where ATT has gotten complaints, especially with their data usage in major cities, if the carrier that you are with is not satisfactory, then you can just switch to another one.
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Apps. Every time you surf the web, you are bound to see the word apps. Where once an application meant something that you installed on your desktop computer, it is now an extra piece of the framework for whatever gadget or web site that you are using. When you log into facebook, you can install applications into your account. The same goes with myspace and even Twitter has an ecosystem around it built up off of third party applications. But the device that brought it home for the cell phone market is the IPhone. One of the biggest reasons why people fall in love with the iPhone was the amount of third party applications that it offered. Now, when Google released their new Android operating system, they made sure that it had an App store that went with it.

When you visit the App store, you will see software that offers a whole lot of different functionalities. Some of the functionalities are simple, while others may be very complex. But the one thing that they all do, is to bring attention to the person who made the application. Especially if it turns out to be popular. If you have a business, you can utilize this fact to help promote your business to potential new customers. Especially if you make a popular application within your industry. Something like that would give you instant status in your industry and the name of your company would be on the lips of everyone.    ...continue reading Creating an Android Application to Market your Business