For many mobile phone users, smartphones have taken the place of standard digital cameras. There are now ways to directly print photos from your phone as opposed to dealing with USB cables and MicroSD cards. Users of Android smartphones have a variety of free Android apps that will allow them to print their pictures from their Wi-Fi printers.

Brother's iPrint & Scan

Quick Overview:

- Images scan directly to the smartphone
- Setup can be time consuming
- Some users feel PC printing is quicker.

Android smartphone users who have a Brother brand printer may enjoy the iPrint & Scan application. This app will search for all compatible Brother printers on the user's wireless network; however, it is necessary to correctly configure the wireless network beforehand; this information can be found in the printer's user manual. In addition, scans can be done remotely. Be advised that any photo that needs to be scanned must be physically placed on the scanning bed.

Canon's Easy-PhotoPrint

Quick Overview:

- Compatible printers are searched via a wireless network
- Multiple photos can be chosen for batch printing
- Many pictures can be simultaneously printed.

This free app for Android allows users to wirelessly print their pictures from an SD Card or Android phone. Users are able to choose a maximum of 39 photos to simultaneously print, the amount of copies they wish to print and the kind of paper on which they want to print their pictures. While this application has received some great reviews, it is not compatible with all of Canon's wireless printers. Those that are compatible will state as such in their manual.

HP's iPrint Photo

Quick Overview:

- Photos can be cropped and edited before printing
- More than 200 of HP's inkjet printers are supported
- Setup is quick and easy.

HP's iPrint Photo is becoming a fast favorite among many Android phone users because its software can be setup quickly without much hassle. The app's built-in tools allow Android phone users to take any picture on their smartphone and perform simple editing procedures before printing. With the compatibility of 200 HP printers as well as the availability for Apple iOS and Windows Mobile, this app has a wide fan base.

Polaroid's PoGo

Quick Overview:

- Wi-Fi is not needed to print photos
- Custom frames and borders can be added to images
- Test prints show “iffy” color quality.

The PoGo app by Polaroid is the single Bluetooth printing application on the market to date. This free app lets users frame and print photos not only straight from their camera but also their from their photo gallery. Even though there is a large amount of frames from which to choose, most of them are fun and whimsical. Any phone with Bluetooth capabilities can be used in conjunction with PoGo, meaning the latest smartphones as well as the oldest handsets will be able to print photos.

Any Android phone owner who has children is well-aware of the fascination their children have for the device. Most kids frequently beg their parents to take pictures or videos clips of them. Older children usually ask to play with device so they can enjoy the many cool games and features. If this sounds familiar to you, there is another solution besides hiding your device. Instead, consider add some applications that both you and your children will enjoy.

Alphabet for Toddlers

Alphabet for Toddlers, made by Breezy Labs, is perfect for keeping the pre-preschooler set occupied. With this application, small children can learn their alphabet and have fun while doing it. Alphabet for Toddlers groups sounds with letters in order to make learning exciting.

Kids Paint

Created by Virtual GS, Kids Paint allows anyone to paint a beautiful picture. When ready to erase, simply shake your Android device for a clean canvas. Simple, interesting and fun for kids and their parents.

Pacman – The Championship Edition

No Android phone is complete without a classic game and Pacman is about as classic as they come. Pass the “Pacman torch” to your own children by downloading this nostalgic arcade game. If you are worried that your older children may find this game a bit dull, don't be. The Championship Edition has excellent graphics and other updates that gives Pacman modern appeal.


Timer, developed by Speedy Marks, is made especially for parents. This application will come in handy to keep track of whose turn it is during an activity by simply setting the timer for the end of a turn and the start of the following one. Timer is full of possibilities for “child management.”

Zoodles: Kids Games and Kid Mode

Zoodles is an Android app that will keep gaming safe for your children by providing access to a slew of games made for all age groups of children as well as timers to keep track of playing and parental controls for safety. Anyone who wants to give their children a fun, education experience in a safe environment will quickly learn that this Zoodles app perfectly “fits the bill.” Because this application is a load of fun, Android-using parents may find that getting the device back from their children may be difficult. Zoodles currently offers a free trial membership; once the trial period is over, you can choose to continue on to a paid membership that can be billed on a monthly or yearly basis.

Digitally sending is the preferred method of invoicing used by many small business owners who must nickel-and-dime each one of their nickles and dimes. The majority of fledgling businesses do not have their own invoicing department, meaning that this task is put on the shoulders of the owner himself or an employee, if they are fortunate enough to have expanded beyond sole-proprietorship. With these invoicing apps made for Android devices, users are able to make and send invoices anytime, anywhere, all without the assistance of a paid employee who specializes in billing.

Google Docs

With Google Docs for Android, users can make a dedicated template for invoicing that will allow them to simply input the customer's data and billing information. After the invoice is complete, the user can either share the invoice online or send it via SMS or e-mail. Many reviewers agree that when it comes to functionality, Google Docs for Android beats the competition.

Invoice Pal

Invoice Pal is a simple invoicing app for Android devices. The design is straightforward and as with other apps, invoices can be sent to customers by e-mail for the Android phone.


This is one easy-to-use application that has a simple user interface. All of the features on PGM-Invoice are very legible and clear to discern. After setting company data and adding services and products for sale, the user only needs to input customer information to complete an invoice.


SalesTrackr lets Android users not only send invoices from their smartphone but also scan barcodes and log hours. While the effectiveness of the program's design cannot be argued, the price for each invoice is currently 25 cents, making the total cost of sending invoices a little too much to bear for small business owners.


This is yet another simple invoicing app made for Android smartphones that is ideal for small businesses. Of course, all invoices can be sent via e-mail or SMS. Unlike some invoicing apps in the Android Market, InvoiceME includes an automatic billing status indicator and customers can view their payment status as well as look at their invoices if they possess a user ID.

Even though the invoicing apps for Android have a lot of great features, many smartphone users are still begging for an application that allows them to sync their QuickBooks software directly to their device. Rumor is among members on several Android forums is there may be one currently in development.

Because dining out can become cumbersome and the cost can quickly add up for those who frequently order take-out food or visit restaurants, most people prefer to make and eat the majority of their meals at home. Of course, making a meal that an entire household will enjoy is sometimes challenging to the home chef but with the Android cooking and recipe applications in this article, it does not have to be that way.

Big Oven: by Big Oven

A lot of Android device users find Big Oven a simple-to-use app with an eye-catching interface, describing the using experience as similar to browsing the pages of a traditional cooking magazine. Users have a multitude of meal options by choosing from the approximate 170,000 recipes that are also shown on the website Although there are many recipes from which to pick, users can search by “favorites” or even “ingredients.” In addition, the Big Oven app offers the Leftover Wizard that lets them insert any three ingredients in order to see available recipes that can be created with the user's selections. The Leftover Wizard not only makes finding the perfect recipe a snap but also aids in saving money by preventing the waste of tossed leftovers.

But this application does not just stop at recipe searches; the community at Big Oven consists of others who are also in search of wonderful recipes. People in the Network provide information such as dinner suggestions and reviews for existing recipes, all of which make it easy to decide on a meal. Users are also able to create menus and shopping lists on their Android phone.

What's For Dinner: by Iso Dev

Even though this application takes a little bit of time to setup and input the user's recipes, it is definitely well-worth the time spent. With What's for Dinner, the Android user can enter all of their family's favorite recipes into their device and when they to find a recipe, they are able to search by either recipe or ingredients. Also, this app allows the user to keep track of recipes their family enjoys, or doesn't, as well as current sales.

Either one of the above cooking and recipe Android apps is ideal for anyone wishing to save time and money. Although most people consider smartphones to be the new way of keeping in touch with friends, family and business associates as well as playing fun games and streamlining business operations, there is so much more one can do with their device.

So, here it is! The phone Korean manufacturer Samsung are hoping to take on Apple with, you would a daring person to bet against them.

The Samsung Galaxy S is literally overflowing with tech and has obviously been designed with its biggest rival in mind. It even looks similar to its nemesis! Taking on the giant that is the iPhone 4 is no mean feat and Samsung have decided to armour their champion with a plethora of high end tech.

In its design they have made it light weight at 118g and fitted it out with a massive 4inch screen giving the user a massive area to play with. It is very slightly thicker than the iPhone 4 but doesn’t seem it to hold because the back is cunningly curved. It is plainly obvious that Samsung has taken their success in the past and added others success to the pot, which is not a bad idea.

The Samsung Galaxy S is fitted with a 5MP camera, a fabulous, sensitive and fast touch screen and the usual wifi, Bluetooth and 3G support. It is running an Android OS and features widgets and icons which have been taken from their popular Wave series of handsets, this time on seven home screens instead of ten.

As mentioned the screen is very impressive, and the use of the fast 1GHz processor means that every input is super fast. The phone has very good audio quality, though sometimes calls can be too quiet even on the loudest setting. The Galaxy S also features HD video recording to help you fill the 8GB memory.

Although the phone is very impressive at almost everything it does there are some issues, such as the phone slightly freezing at times and the poor contacts menu which seems strange for such a great, well specified phone. Also, the guy who was buying in all the parts for the phone forgot to order a flash for the camera, which seems like a pretty obvious oversight.

My final thought would be if you are thinking of buying an iPhone 4 take a very considered look at the Galaxy S. For the price of this phone and the deals available, there might be some people moving away from Goliath and opting for David.

Find out more about the Samsung Galaxy S online today at Dial-A-Phone and check out the latest news on their blog.