5 Android Apps That You Might Want To Use

Android is highly popular at the moment and there are thousands of different apps that have been developed till now. It is really hard to recommend just five but after looking at what people are downloading and using, some do stand out as really popular.

The first one on the list is the Home Security System Android App. Most people will be skeptic when looking at it but it is one of those handy applications that are going to help you to monitor and control the security of your home from the Android mobile phone. You basically get updates and alarms whenever something happens.

The second application that has to be considered is the Kindle Android App, which is useful when you want to read books on the phone. It will also work on a PC and on the iPod. The great thing is that there are thousands of free books available. However, most will be paid. Even so, there are over 1 million books that you can read on your mobile phone thanks to this application.

If you use Facebook, you will most likely also want to download and install the Facebook Android app. It will help you to easily stay connected with friends and it has to be mentioned that the page layouts are simply superb. Navigation is really smooth and there is support for many Facebook accounts. You can easily make the switch whenever necessary, add friends, update statuses and almost all things that you regularly do on your personal computer.

The Microsoft Office Android app is another application that is of great use. There are many included features that allow you to view Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint and Word files with ease. The only problem is that the demo version will not allow you to create files or edit them. For this there is a need to purchase the app. However, you can use the application to download files from Google Docs directly and this is definitely something you are going to like.

The last application on the list is Recipe Search. This is useful to search through thousands of different recipes. Learn about how to cook some of the most incredible meals and see the ingredients that are necessary. Complete cooking directions are offered and this will help you to efficiently cook food and make it taste better. There are also special recipes for people that suffer from diseases like diabetes.