Android 1.6

Well, the time has finally come for the drop of the Android 1.6 download, but what will you get with it? How will it enhance your Android’s performance? There are a few ways in which 1.6 will make your phone better, but let’s first look at what makes the 1.6 different coming out of the gate. Well, as you probably well know, the 1.6 is based on what they call a donut branch of a project called Android open source. This means that it will come with a lot of new features and technologies that were previously unavailable. For one, CDMA will be supported now. Also, additional screen sizes will make use of some apps a lot more user friendly. And speaking of apps, you will now be able to deploy them on even more devices and networks then you could before, all as a result of the 1.6 download.

What will the Android 1.6 SDK be needing though? Does it come without the need for new software or hardware? Well, not entirely. For one, the Android 1.6 will require a newer version of ADT (android development tools) before you can use it. They say that your previous and existing apps will be able to run fine on the 1.6, but it is recommended that you test it once you get the 1.6 SDK (that is, if you don’t have it already).

Adapting to your new developer technology might be tricky at first, but even things like adapting apps to different screen sizes and building gestures will be easy enough, albeit with a little getting used to. The bottom line is that 1.6 will make your Google Android better, and that is what the important thing is. It is going to enhance your phone in a lot of ways, making it even smarter than it already is!