Android Apps – A Cinch to Install and Uninstall

With the growing popularity of Android applications it is becoming more and more mainstream to download these apps with the use of the Android Market.  It is very similar to the iPhone AppStore, only it works for Android devices whether than iPhone, obviously.  It is the main location where individuals and Android development companies can post, or upload, their applications making it available for all other Android users.  Most apps are free but, of course, there will be some premium apps which will require a purchase of some sort.

Installing Android apps is easy and let’s go over it to see just how simple it truly is:

Installing Applications

1. Open the Android Market from the Applications menu

2. A list will appear showing you Applications, Search, Games, and My Downloads.  Select what you would like and a new list will appear.

3. You will also be able to search specific applications with the search tool.

4. You can also see the number of downloads and user comments on any application that is available.

5. Installing these apps is as easy as clicking the “Install” option.

6. After selecting to download, it will give you a list of the particulars and functionalities of the app in question.  Click OK to finish the installation process.

How to Implement Applications

Now that you have downloaded your new app, you will have the option of leaving your own feedback for future down-loaders.  Accessing your new app is easy.  Just go to app menu and select the application you want to initiate. The My Downloads option is used for apps you have already downloaded.

Uninstalling Applications

1. Open the Google Android Menu

2. Go to Settings and select Applications

3. Click on Manage

4. You will then see all the apps you have downloaded.

5. Select the unwanted app and click uninstall.

The installation and uninstalling of the apps at the Android Market is a fairly simple process and anyone with a slight knowledge of how gadgets work will be able to figure it out.  This is the beauty of the age we live in.  While things become more sophisticated, they become more user-friendly.

The Android applications are growing as fast as the iPhone apps and one thing can be certain – Android apps are only going to evolve and become more user-friendly than they already are.  Having devices like the Android should make you happy to live in the time that you do because little gadgets like this are already changing the way we use mobile phones for communication, gaming, business, etc.