Android Apps

Recent statistics have shown that more and more people are buying smartphones every week. This is due to a huge range of features offered on smartphones that you just do not get on other phones. Features such as web browsing, e-mail, top digital cameras and, of course; applications.

The increase in the amount of apps available on Android market is a sure indicator of this and although many of them are not particularly useful, there are many that very much are. Here are some of the best apps available for your Android HTC Desire (or other Android phone) at the moment.

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy videos on YouTube have become more and more popular with students all over the world. If you feel you are struggling with any subject at school or college then you can watch a series of videos explaining them in a simple, friendly way. Now you can get these video tutorials on your Android phone to access whenever you want.


This application allows you to remotely access your smartphone even when you do not have it in your hand. Send messages, e-mails, take photos and plenty more after syncing your phone up with the LazyDroid application. You can even show people a live shot of what’s happening on your phone at any time.

Photo Wonder

There are plenty of great photo effects and editing applications for your Android mobiles, with retro camera and Vignette being just two of them. This is another slant on the idea and lets you add clip art and captions as well as giving you other options for your photos. You can also share your artwork with all of your friends, and of course perfect strangers, on the top social networking websites.

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