Android Cupcake

When Google released its preview of the Android 1.5 software development kit (SDK), Android enthusiasts found out some of the features that would be available in the next Android version. Some of those features include better web browsing, graphical improvements, and many other changes that were promised. From checking out the SDK, it was possible to sleuth out some of the updated Android features and how they will appear in “Cupcake,” the Google Android operating system.

Better Zoom Functions. The interface to the zoom function has been updated with longer, thinner zoom-in and zoom-out buttons. Another new convenience is the 1x button which automatically returns the zoom to the default setting.

Copy and Paste in Web. This function allows users to copy and paste directly from a website and have it automatically added to their clipboard. From there, the copied text can be pasted in the search bar, another window, or even another application.

Text Prediction. The next version of Android has text prediction, catching up to numerous other phone models that already offer the function.

Find Function for Browsing Web Pages. Android will feature a “find on page” function, which will be very welcome. Users can use the function to search the text displayed in the browser and find every occurrence of the word or phrase. You can find a specific phrase, find where you left off, or find the search word you used to get there.

Changes to the User Interface. There are several user interface changes. For example, the music application has different colors, and you can put a music widget right on the home screen. The music widget resembles the one in the HTC Magic port. The Android buttons are fancier, also. The changes basically give it a facelift from the older Android design.

Keyboard On Screen. This is new, and a very welcome feature it is. The layout is good, and it is easy to find alternative characters, the better for dealing with your international friends whose languages contain accents and other goodies for their letters.