Android Music Player Applications that You Might Want to Use

There are many different music player apps that have been designed for an Android powered mobile phone. One really interesting application is Double Twist Player. It is currently considered to be the best one on the market. It will help you to find music that you want to hear on the Android phone and it can synchronize with desktop PCs through WI-Fi connections. It will detect music files and if you own a MAC, this can be done with the use of iTunes. All basic functions are free for the app.

We need to also refer to TuneWiki. It is really interesting as it is the only application that is available at the moment when you need lyrics and a connection to a social network that helps you discover music. You can see song lyrics on the device while the track is played and it is impressive to notice that the lyrics can be translated to 40 languages. TuneWiki will help you to find users and follow them. Look at what they listen to and use included tops and charts to find new songs.

PowerAmp is another powerful Android music application that can play different files like WMA, WAV, ALAC, MP3 and FLAC. There are 10 band equalizers included and even a sleep timer that can stop the song after a chosen time. You can use the app to play music that is present in specific Android folders or from a library. Different home screen widgets can be included so that fast music control becomes a reality. Even scrobbling is possible.

You might want to use PlayerPro if you want to be able to download and search lyrics only when you want them. This is a music player that will automatically download album art and this will save a lot of time. Mixable audio effects can be included for various devices that are powered by the Android platform. A 5 band equalizer with many presets is included.

WinAmp is the most popular free music player for desktop computers and there is also a version available for Android phones. You can easily play and manage music files while also being able to gain access to a series of very useful music management tools. WinAmp managed to make a wonderful transition from the PC to the smart phone that is powered by Android and it is expected to have many users in the near future.