Android Phones Have the Best Sport Apps

If you’re the lucky owner of an Android mobile phone, then you probably understand why experts are saying it not only meets but also, in many ways, exceeds the capabilities of the Apple iPhone. In fact, many people are claiming that there is absolutely no competition for Android phones in the mobile marketplace. One of the greatest aspects of owning an Android phone is the Android mobile application marketplace, with literally thousands of apps to choose from. It can be intimidating searching through the extensive lists of applications, not knowing which apps are better than others in the same category. Here are a couple of suggestions to get you started.

Almost everybody enjoys at least one type of sport, which is why there is a plethora of great sports applications available for Google Android phones. One excellent sports app is called SportsTap and the one of its greatest features is that it’s absolutely free to download. The way SportsTap works is you can choose your favorite teams from all the major leagues such as MBL, NBA, NHL, and NFL and save them to your personal profile. A widget is placed on your phone that will keep you informed of all the details of the games played by the teams you selected, including updates during the actual games. SportsTap also gives you access to a great feature called LocalTap, which locates all of the sports events within a maximum two hundred mile radius and reports their current scores. This application is absolutely ideal for sports fanatics that are always looking for game updates.

One of the most popular sports in the world is golf, and therefore, one of the most popular sports applications for Google Android phones is Golf Channel Mobile. This application is also completely free, and provides live up to date coverage of tour scoreboards. Users can choose to follow games by tour or by player and also have the option to create a customized board that include only the players they wish to follow during tours. This is great for big tours as it eliminates having to search through scoreboards to find the golfers you’re interested in. Golf Channel Mobile also provides subscribers with golf blogs, articles, and other useful information absolutely free of charge.