Best Google Android apps

Ok app hounds, are you ready to download some stuff on your new Android? Apps are what the smart phone is all about, so get ready for some crazy app fun with these pics! Here it goes, so enjoy!

First of all, there is imeem, which is actually a program that brings you several customized streaming radio stations, right to your fingertips. The audio is actually quite good, and you can build station lists around your favorite artists while you enjoy the hottest music on some of the most fantastic stations. One thing about this app though is that it will cut your battery life down considerably. Don’t expect to listen to this all day unless you have your charger plugged in, because the process really takes its toll on your power supply.

Into games? Try Bonsai Blast. This is a fun game consisting of some classic bubble popping action, where you try to break bubble lines to form smaller ones, which you will then, again, try to pop. These bubbles go back forth, all along the screen, bringing you all kinds of classic arcade style fun. Also, multiple levels, power ups, and difficulty settings all work together to make this game enjoyable and somewhat addictive. Great for long bus rides, that is for sure!

There is also iSkoot, which is a Skype app for your Android. But don’t worry, it is not as cheesy and unreliable as other Skype programs for your mobile phone. Actually, it works well enough that you can actually talk on it, which is a major improvement over other smart phone applications aimed at doing the same thing.

These are some of the top apps for the new Android, but they don’t stop there! There are all kinds of apps for your Android that promise to make it one of the best new smart phones out there. And with the third party capabilities of this new phone, the wild frontier of apps for the Google Android promise to get even more wild.