OK, we admit to being biased. We’re really into anything brainy that lets us flex our nerdy side. It just can't be helped. There are some good apps out there for this sort of thing, but we had to stop and write about Mark My Words Free.

This is all about figuring out well known phrases in terms of who actually quoted them first. You have to use your own knowledge and a few clues -- but it's harder than it appears.

When we checked out Mark My Words, we were really impressed by the artwork. This is a free app that really stretches the boundaries of free by delivering solid quality. You’re not going to be disappointed downloading this one.

Be sure that you check for device compatibility in Google Play -- it'll lead to a great experience.

You get 4 clues for each quote, which we found pretty generous. There’s no need to feel like you're going to be stumped. There were some obvious ones, some not so obvious ones, and everything in between.

If you want something a little brainier than the classic "race" or "brickbreaking" games, then this game is definitely more your speed.

One thing that we really liked is that you have access to a premium version -- Mark My Words Pro. You get even more quotes and it's just a nice way to support the hard work it takes to deliver such a quality app to Android. At $2.99, it's really a no brainer purchase anyway.

If your friends don't get your sense of humor, or really get into all of the trivia games out there, this is y our chance to "unplug" a bit from what they think and just go your own way. While they're playing something that doesn't take much skill, you get to flex your knowledge and entertain yourself on a completely different level.

It's up to you -- but we definitely enjoyed the app, and we are definitely going to see what other apps come down the pipeline from here. It's obvious that the developer knows what they're doing, so we want MORE! 🙂 Check it out for yourself!

If you’re thinking about a new Android game, you might want something that's going to let you pass the time without getting too caught up. There's nothing wrong with games that take forever and ever, but you probably only have so much down time before you have to do something else. For example, you might be waiting to catch your flight. That's not a time where you want to get so sidetracked or caught up in a game that you don't hear when you're going to be boarding your flight -- what a costly mistake!

You are much better off looking into a game like Slots Social Casino. We know, we know -- free Android apps are a dime a dozen, but we really try to find apps that are at the top of the pile. This app is one of them.

First and foremost, it's not your ordinary slot casino game. It's a free casino where you can play slots based off of real casinos in the United States. You are getting 3D slot action here, folks. You can make new friends, invite and follow other friends, send messages, gifts as well as chips. You get fresh chips everyday to play, and you can also buy some chips as well. You will be part of a global ranking system -- can you reach the top? There’s only one way to find out. If you add more friends, you get more chips.

It's all about having a good time rather than anything serious. You might feel that you don't have too much time to play another game but you would be wrong here. You can start and stop playing this game with ease. Though, we'll be honest if you're really excited about playing the game you'll probably want to play it for a while. There's nothing wrong with making sure you have something that you're going to play more than once. After all, space can be at a premium with Android sometimes if your SD card is already full.

This app is 100% free, and it's only play money. If you want real money gambling, you're still going to have to look elsewhere. Good luck!

Look, let's get real for a second. Even if you hate presentations, there’s nothing that's going to get rid of them once and for all. Need to impress a new round of investors? Surprise, you're going to have to give a presentation or two to seal the deal. There's just no getting around your need to handle presentations with ease. If you have a smartphone already, why not make your life easier?

Convenience is worth checking out, and that's why we had to check out the EasyPPT. It's an app that does what it says it does -- gets you the power to control your presentation via your phone.

You can also remotely connect to your PC and control the presentation directly, if you wanted to.

What's convenient about the app is that it works well with smartphones like the Galaxy S III, that has a pen to go with the device. The app responds to pen pressure, which means that you can even make annotations as you present your presentation.

If you write on the phone screen, the markings will show up. You can also take photos and even turn pages.

Could you imagine having to give a presentation on the go and not being able to take your laptop along? Believe it or not, it happens a lot more than you can imagine. The best approach then would be to get an app that can adapt itself to your environment.

When you are really having more presentations than you know what to do with, why wouldn't you want to make things easier?
Just manipulating the presentation from the phone would be cool, but this app goes one step further. You can actually manipulate it from the PC itself. All you have to do is download a small file and then connect to a specific IP address with your phone. The app will handle the rest of it.

We love apps that are creative like this but also serving a deep need that everyone can relate to.

It's a free app, but if you're on the fence, think of it this way -- it's designed to help you. Surely there's no real harm in testing it out for yourself, right? Why not look into it today while it's on your mind?

Are you thinking about going out and about with your Android phone? Still need to print things without being at a computer? If you have an Epson All in One printer, PrintJinni is going to be your friend. This is an app that was ported from the iPhone first, but that's not a problem. You’re getting fully functional software for your 'Droid that will definitely handle print queues for you.

Of course, you can't forget about all of the items that you can print. This isn't just limited to black and white printing. If you want to print out a photo that’s saved to your phone, you can definitely handle that with no problem. Important series of charts and graphs? The PrintJinni can handle all of this and still wait faithfully for you to come up with something else to print. You can print emails, Word documents, PDF files, and even full out web pages.

Some things are just easier to discuss when you can visually display them to other people. There's nothing wrong with admitting that you really do need to have a visual aid, of course.

Taking your show on the road with Android is something that's pretty easy, but you just need to have the right apps. PrintJinni comes in two flavors -- you can do the free version, or you can buy the paid app. The free version gives you a realistic demo of the app, but if you're going to be a power user, we definitely recommend the paid version instead.

All in all, this is an app that really speaks for itself -- why not check it out today?

In the world of tech, sometimes the jokes just write themselves. When you have a platform that's as open as Android is, it makes sense that app developers would write amusing applications that are designed to make us laugh more than actually being useful.

We decided to look for off the wall apps just because we figured you would need a laugh at least once in a while -- check these out!

First and foremost, we have a Dog Whistler app. The old school dog whistles work by using hit pitched sounds that humans cannot detect but dogs sure can. So this app uses a high frequency sound wave that can get your dog to finally pay attention to you. Don't expect your dog to respond overnight, but if you train them to come to that whistle, they certainly will!

Speaking of interesting apps, we also found a Metal Detector. This app isn't going to turn you into a treasure hunter like the guys on television, but you will be able to see about the metal devices that are right around your phone. It's more of a "look what we can code" more than anything else.

From here, you have a Super Hypnotherapist app. This is supposed to help you fall asleep, but the jury is still out in terms of effectiveness. Some people report that it's soothing, but many just think it's more toy than anything else.

For fans of old memes, there's a Cleverbot app. You can talk to a robot app that is so realistic you almost feel like you’re talking to a human. Thankfully, it's just programming at work. Smart programming, but programming nonetheless.

Finally, there's Zombie, Run! -- a very cool app. It's hilarious -- the app is a game that displays a map of your surrounding area. It projects flesh hungry zombies on the screen at various locations that all have one thought in mind: eating you! Your mission? Run from the zombies before you get caught. It's a great way to get your run in without feeling bored. Okay, so it might even be a little practical, but we aren't going to admit that. No way. No sir.

There's tons of fun little apps in the Android Market, so if you haven't been in a way it's definitely a good idea to go back and see what those wacky Android developers are actually up to! Check it out for yourself!