Android's popularity is showing in a big way, though not in the way that we would like: Symantec has just reported that as many as 5 million Android handsets are infected with a trojan called Android Counterclank. The malware is embedded into a lot of different apps in the Android Market.

So, what does this malware actually do? Once it's downloaded, the tainted app launches services that spill information about the device back to the malicious host, including your MAC Address, SIM Serial, IMEI, and IMSI.

The estimate is just that -- an estimate. Android Counterclank may be installed on anywhere from 1 million to 5 million devices.

Want to know if you're infected? You can look for the presence of a "search" icon on the home screen -- it's pretty easy to see.

Symantec is still doing their investigation, but that doesn't mean that you can't look and make sure that you don't have one of these already identified apps hiding out.

There are 3 publishers at the heart of the attacks -- iApps7 Inc, Ogre Games, and redmicapps.

iApps7 Inc's apps in question include Counter Elite Force, Counter Strike Ground Force, Counterstrike Hit Enemy, Heart Live Wallpaper, Hit Counter Terrorist, and Stripper Touch Girl.

For Ogre Games, the games in question include Balloon Game, Deal & Be Millionaire, and Wild Man.

For redmicapps, the apps in question include Pretty Women Lingerie Puzzle, Sexy Girls Photo Game, Sexy Girls Puzzle, and Sexy Women Puzzle.

If you have any of these apps on your device, you will need to uninstall them immediately. To do this, you're going to want to open up the Menu, go to Settings and then selection Applications. From there, click Manage. Finally, you will want to select the application you want to remove and click the uninstall button.

You will need to do this for every app that is questionable on your device. Don't forget that there are protections for your Android phone -- after all, who wants to be left worrying about the next trojan making the rounds? You can install Norton Mobile Security which will protect your Android phone from threats. It's in the Android Market, of course!

Factory reset should be considered a last resort because you will lose any data that isn't backed up.

Hang in there, Android fans -- these trojans come and go. If anything, look on the bright side -- people consider Android a serious player now, which is why you're seeing threats against the platform. Proper protection and prevention will let you enjoy your Android phone for a long time, though!

Recent statistics have shown that more and more people are buying smartphones every week. This is due to a huge range of features offered on smartphones that you just do not get on other phones. Features such as web browsing, e-mail, top digital cameras and, of course; applications.

The increase in the amount of apps available on Android market is a sure indicator of this and although many of them are not particularly useful, there are many that very much are. Here are some of the best apps available for your Android HTC Desire (or other Android phone) at the moment.

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy videos on YouTube have become more and more popular with students all over the world. If you feel you are struggling with any subject at school or college then you can watch a series of videos explaining them in a simple, friendly way. Now you can get these video tutorials on your Android phone to access whenever you want.


This application allows you to remotely access your smartphone even when you do not have it in your hand. Send messages, e-mails, take photos and plenty more after syncing your phone up with the LazyDroid application. You can even show people a live shot of what's happening on your phone at any time.

Photo Wonder

There are plenty of great photo effects and editing applications for your Android mobiles, with retro camera and Vignette being just two of them. This is another slant on the idea and lets you add clip art and captions as well as giving you other options for your photos. You can also share your artwork with all of your friends, and of course perfect strangers, on the top social networking websites.

Find more of the best apps at the Phones4u website.

The HTC Desire is one of the latest generation of smartphones. It was released in spring 2010 and it is powered by the Android operating system.

What sets the Android operating system apart from such operating systems as Symbian is that it was designed from the start with browsing the internet in mind, whist with Symbian browsing was something added to the original operating system. Not surprisingly then, phones using the Android system provide their users with a much better browsing experience and in performance they are the match of the iPhone.

The design of the Desire was based on a previous Android phone Nexus One, a phone that was manufactured by HTC but marketed by Google. With the desire, branding is entirely HTC and the connection with Google is downplayed. As in the Nexus One, the Desire uses the famous Snapdragon microprocessor which employs 1 GHz ARM technology though the display, which is 3.7 inches, is now manufactured by Sony which many claim to be an improvement. It is touch sensitive with pinch zoom functionality and has a resolution of 480 by 800.

Android allows you to create up to seven home screens and all can be viewed simultaneously. The software is also packed with features which includes HTC sense which has applications such as automatic weather and clock adjustment which senses location and time zone; a ringer that is silenced just by turning over the phone; graphic features such as text reflow with automatic size and position optimisation; and a universal search feature which searches everything on your phone and the web.

The built-in camera has a five megapixel sensor with autofocus and flash. Whilst far from being the best phone camera on the market (the 12 megapixel camera found on the Nokia N8 takes some beating) it is adequate for most purposes. It includes such features as face detection and geo-tagging.

Arguably the Android operating system provides the best experience in satellite navigation including Google Maps Navigation and Street View. Download speeds are up to 7.2 Mbps on 3G or 560 Kbps on EDGE.

These are just some of the features offered by one of the most desirable smartphones on the market, the HTC Desire. To find out more about it, then check out today.

Android apps are still fairly new on the block, but their popularity is expected to grow rapidly with Android's continuously growing market share.  According to IDC's new "Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker", global smartphone market of 2014 could see Android in second place with a 25 percent share, followed by powerhouses like BlackBerry, Apple, and Windows Mobile.

Among other factors, these trend shifts in mobile operating systems popularity are influenced by hardware developments, with the greatest impact comping from the development of new processors, led by Intel, with AMD and a number of more anonymous companies trailing far behind.  We can see similar changes happening in the non-mobile sector.  As new processor technology is being introduced ,we can see Intel Windows 7 migration is happening more and more.  Many small business can now afford to purchase computers with fairly high-end processors, capable of running Windows 7 and various office software, as their prices have dropped very quickly with the introduction of even newer processors (followed by aggressive marketing campaigns.)

Again, this phenomenon has its equivalent in the world of smart phones and mobile devices, as new hardware is being developed which is fairly cheap, while still being capable of supporting Android very competently.

The Samsung Epic 4G, the Nexus S, HTC's EVO 4G, and the Motorola DROID PRO are just a few examples of phone which manage to keep hardware prices down while running the latest version of Android, compatible with most Androids apps.  As most of the major mobile phone manufactures are quite openly battling Apple's iPhone domination, we should expect to see more and more new Android devices, offering high end performance at competitive prices (the competition being you-know-who.)

The Samsung mobile giant has recently confirmed a release date for a much-anticipated handset. The handset in question offers an assortment of high tech features and apps and is available in the UK in just over a month.

So which handset are we talking about? The mobile phone in question is in fact the Samsung Galaxy Note and if you are lucky, you may be able to get your hands on one in the very near future!

This isn’t just a smartphone, it is also a tablet and a hybrid and the much talked about device was raved about at the IFA 2011 in August.

So what can we expect from such a unique smartphone? The specs include an 8-mega-pixel rear mounted camera, which in fact features 1080p HD video recording facilities as well as a front facing 2-mega-pixel lens! This means taking photos of you and your friends together no longer requires the task of trying to hit the button from the other side of the camera. This is a technique that often results in missing half of the group out of the camera shot!

The operating systems included are Android Gingerbread 2.1, which is powered by a 1.4 GHz processor. Despite all of the technology squeezed into this handset, it still only measures 9.65mm. This is great news for those that desire a high tech gadget that isn’t bulky but instead easy to carry around, whether this is too and from work or whilst travelling to various venues.

Samsung have stated that they have in fact brought an extremely innovative product to the market with the introduction of this handset. The Samsung Note is said to be the fastest handset to date and still offers the entire award winning specifications expected from a state of the art smartphone. Visit the site to see more about this new innovative mobile phone at the Dialaphone website.