Often, after an app has been released in the App Store, it gets a boost in the rankings for a week and then slowly slips down in the rankings, before gradually getting lost.

I’ve seen this happen with every app I’ve released. I know this is a really frustrating and painful experience because I felt helpless when it happened.

One day, I came across a post that was discussing something called ASO, which I soon learnt stood  for ‘app store optimization’.

Although I was familiar with the old fashioned SEO (search engine optimization), I had never heard about ASO, and so I decided to start researching it further.

After a day, I had discovered three important things:

  1. ASO is crucial for downloads.
  2. Indie developers can’t survive without it.
  3. The tool that will help you achieve higher ratings, more downloads, and thus more $, is named SensorTower.

Now, next I will show you how I used SensorTower’s free plan to boost one of my apps from 1 download per day to 12 per day!

Researching the Relevant Keywords

The first thing I needed to do was to find out what keywords were relevant for my app. My app was initially named ‘iFast’, which, in my opinion, was a catchy name, but the reality was different…

To my disappointment, I discovered (with the help of Sensor Tower) that no one actually searched for the phrase “iFast”. I realized that I needed to find a keyword to use in my app’s title that people would actually search for!

So, I started to brainstorm relevant keywords and I came up with the idea that people might search for ‘intermittent fasting’, as it was relevant to my app.

So I typed this phrase into the Sensor Tower keyword tracking tool, and, to my surprise, I saw a keyword that had good traffic, low competition and few apps. I also typed in “fasting diet” and this one didn’t look too shabby either.

Checking My Rankings

To my disappointment, I was not ranking for these keywords at all (see image). In fact, I was doing really poor, and my app was in last position both for the iPhone and the iPad, which sucked big time!

However, I knew that by adding those keywords into my app name, I would  be able to catapult my app into the first eight in the rankings at the very least, as the competition was really low!

As I didn’t want to change too many variables, and was instead intent just on testing one thing at a time, I decided to use those two keywords as my app name, and after playing around with them for a while, I came up with the name ‘Intermittent Fasting Diet Tracker’.

As I had a small bug fixed, this update came in handy, as I was able to resubmit the freshly-titled app along with the small bug correction.

The Result

After a week, the app was accepted with the new name, and immediately I began to see an increase in downloads. Beforehand, I had usually received around one download per day, but suddenly I was achieving 10 paid downloads, which really freaked me out!

I immediately logged onto my free trial account of SensorTower and found the reason for my increased amount of downloads!

As you can see in the image below, I currently rank as number 4 for iPhone and number 2 for iPad for the keyword “fasting diet”.

However, even better still, for the keywords ‘intermittent fasting’, I was ranking as number 2 for iPhone, and, amazingly, as number 1 for the iPad!

Lesson Learned

As you can see, I have not used rocket science to come up with the keywords for my app. Instead, I sat down for about 15 minutes and this investment increased my paid downloads for one specific app from 30 per month to over 300 each month.

The next thing I am going to do is to research the keywords for my app for iTunes as well, as I am sure it will significantly boost my download frequency there too!

Seriously, if you are still not using SensorTower, which is considered by many to be the best of the best ASO tool on the market, you are really missing out on a huge opportunity to get more downloads, increase visibility in the app store, and, of course, increase your earnings as well.

This should be a no brainer for you, so grab your SensorTower trial today!

Android games are the best mobile games out there, hands down. There's nothing like being able to play fantastic games on the go, passing the time in any way that you see fit. What more could you honestly want? Oh, a challenge? You want a challenge? Fine. We're going to give you a game today that we found pretty challenging. It's called Alien Assault Tower Defense TD, and it absolutely rocks. You're about to find out why.

alian assult

One thing that we really enjoyed when we tested Alien Assault Tower Defense TD in the office was all of the levels. Tired of games that feel half finished because there's only like four levels? Well, there's good news: you have 25 levels to beat here. There's not just one enemy type that you have to beat, either. You have to battle for the future of Planet Earth by fighting off aliens. The graphics are pretty slick as well -- as you're battling for the future of the world, you're going to have to handle more than just one enemy, and more than just one challenge. There's an option to remove ads as well. If you're like us and get distracted easily, this is something that would be best avoided at all costs.

You have to think about the ability of any Android game to actually entertain you. Is this going to be a game that requires a super amount of skill? Probably not. It's not up there with say, advanced physics or anything like that. But if you're bored at the doctor's office and you can't stand the idea of reading another magazine, well -- this one's for you, most definitely.

allien_assault_tower defense td

Arcade games are fun because you get to always have a challenge. Can you beat all of the levels, aware of the clock the entire time? Well, that just depends on your level of patience. Some will get to beat the entire game, while others will be frustrated. Either way, you will definitely be entertained! Download Alien Assault Tower Defense TD today!

Trying to pass the time when you're on the go can be a lot more difficult than you might have imagined. Even though there are a lot of different games out there, it can be hard to find the one that's really going to be interesting without being more challenging than what it's worth. If you have your Android phone handy and you want to get an app that really rocks, this is the one for you.

We looked at the EyeSpy Hidden Objects Quest game, a captivating and super colorful game where you have to really put your concentration skills to the test. Can you find all of the hidden objects? It's really not as easy as you might imagine! You see, your character is a cute bunny that has to work off of a single clue in order to find the objects in question. You have a bunch of random objects, but you don't get to just sit and think about it all day long: you only get so much time on the clock to find all of the items. For us, we really liked that it was a time based challenge. It's far too easy to find everything if you don't have the pressure of time.

EyeSpy Hidden Objects Quest game

But time changes the game, and in a good way. As long as you're willing to focus, you can beat the levels. But don't think that you only have a few to beat. This game comes with plenty of new levels to go with. You just need to make sure that you stay committed, because the later ones are really tough!

All in all, we definitely enjoyed this little app. It's available right now in the Google Play store, so why not check it out? After all, every Android owner knows that sometimes you just need a good time waster app to get from the dentist's office and back again! 🙂

Preparation for the 1Z0-045 Oracle Database 10g DBA New Features for Oracle 8i OCPs should begin with the exam guide itself. This is where a good grasp of the topics and objectives that will be covered in the seventy-eight questions will begin.

The guide is where a breakdown of the topics such as Oracle Server security, online operations, memory management, manageability infrastructure, and loading and unloading data begins. It takes all the topics and shows the objectives whether they be descriptions, monitoring, managing, using or creating. A minimum score of seventy-three percent will be the requirement to pass. A solid place to start acquiring these skills and knowledge is through taking the Oracle Database 10g: New Features for Oracle8i DBAs.

During this course the following topics are just a sample of what will be covered; backup and recovery, globalization support, resource manager enhancements, tablespace management, installation, and application tuning.

Certification Exam

It will take a minimum of seventy-three percent to pass the exam and apply the credit towards the Oracle Database 10g Administrator Professional certification. Before taking the exam a suggested way to determine if the knowledge is up to par is by taking practice exams. These practice exams from ExamTrace can determine areas that need more work before the actual exam.

We covered the Nexus 4, the 7, and now it's time to go ahead and talk about the Nexus 10. In our traditional fashion, we staggered the review to catch any type of updates that might have come out. Bleeding edge tech definitely has its share of bugs, we have to admit -- we've been dying to cover the Nexus 10. Google has really outdone themselves with this tablet, but we figured that we'd give you a full review. Catching technology after it's had a chance to "age" also gives you a break on the price, but you're still going to find that full retail value exists for the Nexus 10 in most cases.

Let's go ahead and start with the obvious: this is a 10.1-inch panel with a stunning 2560x1600 resolution. You might remember that resolution first with the 13-inch MacBook Pro with Retina display. The tablet itself is manufactured by Samsung, which isn't a bad partnership.

You'll fight a 5MP camera that can handle 1080p recording, along with an LED flash. Sorry tech fans, we know you're tired of LED flashes but it looks like they are definitely here to stay. Nothing we can really do about all of that. There's two physical controls -- the volume rocker and a power/lock button. However on the left of the tablet edge you're going to find micro-USB and a headphone jack (3.5mm). There's a pogo pin connector and micro-HDMI along the bottom. We really find ourselves excited about micro-HDMI, which means that we can beam our stuff to a bigger display -- like that 60" flat screen you picked up on Black Friday or as a totally sweet Christmas present.

Nexus 10

The speakers really carry this tablet, and there's also another camera -- this time 1.9MP that's capable of 720p video recording.

As far as connectivity goes, it's only Wi-Fi. There's some talk about expanding this to actual cellular tech, but it's not coming anytime soon. There's support for b/g/n, but no 'a'. I guess it's time for the 802.11a people to upgrade already.

You have some power under here -- a 1.7GHz chip, which has dual-core configuration even though it could easily go quad-core in the future. There's a dedicated GPU along with 2GB of RAM. You can go with either 16GB or 32GB storage. It's not expandable, so if you really get worried about space -- go with the 32GB.

GPS, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC also fill in for you, which isn't a bad thing either.

The Display

We had to really jump back to the display. It really is a thing of beauty. There are a lot of pixels involved in a small 10.1-inch LCD panel. Certainly more than HDTV would have, and that's at 1080p. The display is incredibly sharp -- graphics pop, and text is very sharp. The user interface practically begs you to navigate it.

The brightness of the display doesn't go as high as other devices, but it's definitely good enough. The Nexus 10 is protected by Gorilla Glass 2, which makes it very durable. ...continue reading It’s Time to Finally Cover the Nexus 10

Sometimes, it's a good point to look at exactly what you're getting when you're talking about something. In this case, we're talking about Android 4.1, code named Jelly Bean.

Jelly Bean brings some interesting features to the table, so we decided to create this guide to bring you up to speed.

Note: at the time of this guide, 4.2 has come out, but there was enough changes that it will have a guide of its own. Thanks.

Speed is one of the top concerns of Jelly Bean. Everything is supposed to feel fast, fluid, and smooth. Each screen should be moved through like flipping through the pages of a well loved novel. There are some performance boosts, including faster responses when going between apps, as well as great rendering through the whole system. Vsync and triple buffering take care of that for you.

It's all about responsiveness as a whole. Jelly Bean is taking things to the next level by adding in reactive and uniform touch responses. Your device's CPU can be raised or lowered based on how you're interacting with your device. How cool is that?

It gets better, of course.


Accessibility has been a hot button issue in Planet Android land, for good reason. Open access to everyone is very important, and it would definitely make waves for Android to lead the way to a new era of accessibility in 2013 and beyond.

Jelly Bean lets blind users use Gesture Mode to navigate around the entire user interface -- coupled with speech output, of course.

For people that have a hard time seeing the screen's text due to small fonts, you can enlarge instantly. What more could you want than that?

Actually, a screenreader would be nice. Meet TalkBack, a screenreader for Android that supports gestures to the fullest. There's also BrailleBack, which gives better accessibility options in the Braille category.

Android Beam also makes a big splash. You can easily share all of your photos and videos. To activate Beam, you can just pair your phone or tablet to any Bluetooth enabled device that supports Simple Secure Pairing -- just tap the devices together to activate the magic.

There's better support for USB audio docks, something that many Android users have been looking forward.

The browser got a major update in Jelly Bean, focusing hard on HTML5. It's the new web standard and many sites are switching to HTML5 full stop. It's good to know that android will give the end user the ability to experience the full richness of HTML5 while they are on the go. HTML5 video support has been enhanced a great deal.

Calendar got an update as well -- content fades in and out, animations are there to remind you of important tasks, and you can quickly swipe through days. If you've given your event a specific color, it's going to keep that color on the phone.

The today button on the action bar will show you the events of the day -- and remind you of what's around the corner. You can even auto-email guests of events to let them know that you’re on your way to a particular event.

Camera is looking great as well -- you can swipe from the camera viewfinder to review photos that you just took. You can also view photos in Gallery through filmstrip mode, flipping through photos with ease.

Data usage has gotten better than ever -- you can disable background data usage on certain Wi-Fi locations by making them mobile hotspots. Android will automatically detect this from then on, saving you precious data -- perfect for those that aren't on an unlimited data plan.

The keyboard is all about customization. Tired of QWERTY? Go QWERTZ, AZERTY, or even Dvorak!

This leads to messaging perfectly. The new notifications display gives you the full text of incoming SMS messages -- something that has long annoyed Android users for a while now. You will also see the full photo in a notification. This is great when you really don't want to have to open up the full app just to see a quick message.

Networking updates? Yes, please! Jelly Bean lets you make sure that you avoid bad Wi-Fi networks that have poor connections. You can stay on mobile data and get the best connection. Who really wants to deal with some wimpy data line when you have LTE, honestly?

There is a People app that truly makes your phone quite social. You can retrieve high resolution photos automatically and display them as you're looking through to find contacts on the fly. This helps you really connect with who is in your network and who isn't. You can also add new contacts much faster than before.

The phone app got some updating as well. When you miss a call, a new notification will easily let you call them right back or even send a quick SMS. This is really smooth, and we like that a great deal.

The best thing that you can do for yourself would be to check out the full list of features at Google Android headquarters, then see if your handset has an upgrade to 4.1 -- you will not regret it at all!

Look, we don't always get into the latest and greatest technology...but...oh, who are we kidding! We're totally checking out the Galaxy Camera, and we think that you should as well.

If you don't believe us, check out this video:

Isn't that hilarious? If you didn't catch why this little camera should be on your post-Christmas shopping list, here are a few reasons why:

First and foremost, this is a camera that definitely understands not every picture starts out perfect. You still have the power to edit photos, give them the Best Face treatment (you can even fix "shut eyes" and red eyes with ease), and keep everything backed up in the cloud.

Clearly, this isn't your father's bulky camera that only got a good picture every once in a blue moon. This is the social butterfly's camera, a camera that focuses on making you the star of the show.

Tired of that person who jumps in at the last minute? You can crop them out without damaging the rest of the shot. Photobombers, your days are numbered.

What about if you suddenly dropped your camera in water. It's every social butterfly's worst nightmare, right? Right! You will need to actually make sure that you're looking at the bigger picture by backing up your photos...without even thinking about it. This camera is one that does that for you all on its own. There's no more reason to worry or fret anymore. Everything is set up for you, and everything will work flawlessly out of the box. What more could you want than that?

Oh, what's that? You want good panoramic mode? The Galaxy Camera serves that up nicely for you. So even if you have a whole group of friends to photograph, they will be taken care of with ease.

This is a camera that goes beyond mere smartphone like abilities -- it fits into your life. Everyone should be able to have a great camera that they can rely on. Even though you might not think of Samsung first when it comes to technology like this, there's no reason why you can't test it out.

Bonus feature: 21x zoom. You will never lack a chance to really get in that perfect shot. Check it out today!

If you need more information about this great product, you can visit Samsung Camera Facebook page or Samsung GALAXY Camera website. For more videos on this product - visit Samsung YouTube channel.

This post was sponsored by Samsung.

Trying to get your gaming fix while you’re traveling can be a little difficult. One would imagine it wouldn’t be that hard, though. After all, this is the age of technology -- if you can be entertained by YouTube memes while you’re at your desk, why not be entertained by great Android games when you're on the go?

We're not talking about mobile Yahtzee and chess, though. That's for another article. You want great graphics, great sound, and plenty of action, right?

Absolutely! We thought the same thing when we stumbled across Dark Summoner. This is one of the most intense MMORPGs we've come across for the Android platform.

There's a lot to like. It's completely free, which means that you can play to your heart's content. In addition to it being a free game, it’s already got a great reputation. This is a game that was ported over from the iPhone App Store, and a game that also has a massive following. If you're a true fan of dark fantasy, you will have a lot of fun playing this game.

It's not just about rising through a lot of levels. It's a social game, so it's all about the interaction. And it's done with stunning artwork. That was one of the top things we noticed right away.

Keep in mind that this is going to be a very connection-intense game, as many of the best MMORPGs really are. So you want to be on Wi-Fi as much as possible for this. Does it matter? Not in the grand scheme of things, but if you’re all about the best experience possible, then Wi-Fi is where you want to be with this.

If you really just want to play on breaks, you'll find that you can still advance in the game without falling behind. You can make allies in the game that will confront Dark Lords in battle, join Clans, and even make new friends as you conquer the in-game world -- or watch your character die trying!

If you're stuck at an airport and you have a lot of time to kill, this is definitely an upgrade from those "brick breaking games". It's all about being able to relax, unwind, have a good time...okay, and it never hurts to be able to crush enemies on the battlefield. You get all of that and more with this style of game, so why not check it out for yourself today? You'll be glad that you did!

When it comes to staying in touch with the people that really matter most to you, most would agree that a cell phone is the way to go. However, a lot of people avoid getting one because they worry about trying to get a phone on contract. There’s no need to fear this type of thing anymore. You can get the perfect phone without spending a lot of money.

One of the reasons why so many people go with getting a phone on contract is that they spend a lot less than someone in a prepaid plan. You will basically be trading your loyalty to the company for a discounted or even a free phone. There are plenty of smartphones out there that are actually free if you sign up for a specific contract.

This also means that you’re going to rest easy knowing where your phone service is actually going be coming form. Some people like knowing that they really don't have to jump around carriers. They can just use their phone and keep going on with their lives.

If you’re going to get a contract phone, you might want to stop and think about what type of features you want with your plan. This is where you get to be a little creative, because you will have different needs than someone else.

Keep in mind that some of your phone choices may be limited by your plan, or you might have to add on other features in order to qualify for the discount. This is true with many Android plans, which require you sign up for a qualifying data package. However, you really do need to get the data plan in order to truly appreciate the power of the Android platform.

From here, you might want to also think about the accessories that you’re going to need. It never hurts to have an extra battery, and it certainly never hurts to have a Bluetooth headset so that you can go handsfree. Staying safe on the road while talking on your phone really does depend on the type of setup you have -- Bluetooth is just one option. You can always use a regular wired headset if your phone doesn't come with Bluetooth.

Hopefully you've gotten some ideas on how to keep your costs low while still enjoying staying in touch with everyone during your day to day errands on the road. Check it out today!

Are you thinking about going on the road? Wi-Fi and travel are two peas in a very classic pod situation. You want to travel but you still want to make sure that you’re connected to everything that matters.

If you have an Android phone or tablet, you already know what a pain it can be to even get to a great Wi-Fi access point. Maybe you found an open access point, but you can't seem to connect to any pages. Or maybe you're presented with a long list of networks, but you need to have the best one. Trying to flip through it on the settings screen can be a waste of time -- surely there's a better way, right?

Absolutely! Meet Smart Wi-Fi Pro, the app that strives to make the travel experience a little less painful. Instead of wondering whether or not you’re going to be able to connect to an access point, the app gives you the immediate access you need to the best access point. If you’re going to be traveling through the same area over and over again, the app will prioritize the best AP for you automatically.

Another feature that we liked: battery sparing. Everyone knows that Wi-Fi tends to eat battery life like it's going out of style, but this app automatically turns off Wi-Fi when you’re out of range. That means that you aren't going to find your battery gone an hour later just because you forgot to turn the signal off.

One of the top problems with public Wi-Fi is that you never know whether or not you will actually be able to surf the Web or connect to all of your data-loving apps properly. This app goes ahead of you and makes sure that you will not only be able to get connected to the access point, but you'll be able to use the Internet as well.

This app is $2.50 for the full version with the easy to use interface, but there is also a free demo to try before you buy the full one. We honestly feel that at $2.50 this app is just too good not to get the full version from the beginning -- check it out today!