Christmas Phone Review Samsung Galaxy S

So, here it is! The phone Korean manufacturer Samsung are hoping to take on Apple with, you would a daring person to bet against them.

The Samsung Galaxy S is literally overflowing with tech and has obviously been designed with its biggest rival in mind. It even looks similar to its nemesis! Taking on the giant that is the iPhone 4 is no mean feat and Samsung have decided to armour their champion with a plethora of high end tech.

In its design they have made it light weight at 118g and fitted it out with a massive 4inch screen giving the user a massive area to play with. It is very slightly thicker than the iPhone 4 but doesn’t seem it to hold because the back is cunningly curved. It is plainly obvious that Samsung has taken their success in the past and added others success to the pot, which is not a bad idea.

The Samsung Galaxy S is fitted with a 5MP camera, a fabulous, sensitive and fast touch screen and the usual wifi, Bluetooth and 3G support. It is running an Android OS and features widgets and icons which have been taken from their popular Wave series of handsets, this time on seven home screens instead of ten.

As mentioned the screen is very impressive, and the use of the fast 1GHz processor means that every input is super fast. The phone has very good audio quality, though sometimes calls can be too quiet even on the loudest setting. The Galaxy S also features HD video recording to help you fill the 8GB memory.

Although the phone is very impressive at almost everything it does there are some issues, such as the phone slightly freezing at times and the poor contacts menu which seems strange for such a great, well specified phone. Also, the guy who was buying in all the parts for the phone forgot to order a flash for the camera, which seems like a pretty obvious oversight.

My final thought would be if you are thinking of buying an iPhone 4 take a very considered look at the Galaxy S. For the price of this phone and the deals available, there might be some people moving away from Goliath and opting for David.

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