Five Fantastic Apps for the Android

Over the past several years, there have been a slew of applications designed specifically for the Android cell phone that cover a wide range of categories – productivity, games, music, videos and basic utilities. Because the options are virtually endless, choosing among the best Android apps can be difficult. The following are five great choices almost any Androider will appreciate.

Documents To Go

The majority of Smartphone owners need the ability to view documents, making Documents To Go an excellent choice. This app makes it easy to not only look at documents on an Android, but also view PowerPoint files and edit files. Even better, this application’s full version can be bought for only $15. While there may be quite a few document-viewing apps for the Smartphone, Documents To Go is one of the few that also allows users to edit.


Anyone who likes music will love Pandora – the ultimate music-entertainment application. Pandora is an app that not only streams all genres of music, but also allows the user to search for artists or songs. After providing a single piece of information, Pandora creates a user-unique playlist based on certain songs the app “thinks” they will like.

Photoshop Mobile

For the budding photographer, Photoshop Mobile is a highly-useful, must-have application. This software allows users to utilize many of the editing features they enjoy on their computer. While the mobile phone version of Photoshop is limited in regards to tools it provides, the basics are provided, such as contrast and brightness, cropping, red eye and sharpening. Everything one needs for great-looking photographs is at their fingertips.

Places Directory

Places Directory is simply a souped-up GPS unit. This Android application not only helps users find the exact location of any destination – theaters, restaurants, hospitals, stores – but also gives extra details in order to make the best decision on where to go. Obviously, this app is extremely useful for anyone who loves to visit new places and is constantly on the go.

Task Killer

Task Killer is the last Android application on this list. Most people who use the latest and best of today’s technological devices will agree that the speed of the device is of the utmost importance. Thankfully, multitasking is what Task Killer is all about. Anyone who tends to run several applications at once can use this app to quickly “kill” currently-running apps in order to maintain the speed of their device and prevent the memory from becoming bogged down.