Galaxy Spica I5700

Samsung has done a remake of one of their very popular smartphones, the Galaxy. This one is called the Galaxy Spica I5700. It offers some things its predecessor did not have. The details on the new Spica are here.

The “Galaxy Lite” as some call the Spica is a pint-sized unit. It is just 124 grams in weight. That is just 4.4 ounces if you are in the United States. It is 115 millimeters ( 4.5 inches ) tall. That is about average for today´s smartphones. It´s just over half an inch thick at 13.2 millimeters.

The screen takes up the major part of the front of the Samsung Spica. It is 3.2 inches in size when measured diagonally. It is the older TFT style, but is still bright. The resolution is rated at 320 by 480 pixels. It can do the now-familiar acrobats of changing the screen from a portrait to a landscape position just by turning the Spica on its side. This comes in handy with web pages and texting with the on-screen keyboard. The Samsung Spica does not have a manual keyboard.

The operating system on the Spica is running a nuclear-hot operating system; android. This is being installed on smartphones for nearly every manufacturer. It is open source and the people at google offer it for free to Samsung and other companies. The 2.1 version is now on the Spica. This offers the multitouch ability to pinch and zoom on the screen when using the web browser. The android platform can also track your contacts using GPS. You can track your finances, scan barcodes, download torrents and a host of other things. The ability to wipe your personal data is also included with android.

Samsung Galaxy Spica I5700
Samsung Galaxy Spica I5700

The Galaxy Spica has the privilege of being the first smartphone to offer DivX video technology. This is a system that uses the AVI format for video. It is a popular codec for downloading films from the web. The camera is a 3.2 megapixel model that allows autofocus and geotagging. The video section of the camera runs at fifteen frames per second, which is nowhere near some other flagship models that can take video at twice that speed.

The Spica runs its programs very well, thanks to a 800 megahertz processor and 128 megabytes of RAM. It has 180 megabytes of internal space available for memory and a slot for a MicroSD card to add up to 32 gigabytes more memory. That is space for literally thousands of songs. The audio section of the Galaxy Spica has the special DNSe ( Digital Natural Sound Engine ) application. It has a speakerphone to listen to audio or a 3.5 millimeter headphone jack when privacy is needed.

Spica uses quad band GSM networks and HSDPA for calling. It has all the data network connections except an infrared port. The WLAN ( also called Wi-Fi ) uses the “B” or “G” modes. The faster “N” mode is not yet seen on many smartphones, including this one.

Downsizing is happeing in lots of places in the world. It is happening in the world of smartphones at a rapid pace. The Samsung Galaxy Spica comes in your choice of two basic colors; black and white. It has a rather large battery for its size at 1500 mAh. It has been available in Europe for a while now and may soon be in the United States under the name of “Galaxy Portal” with T-Mobile.