Go Ahead, Make Our Day – Google Voice Search for Desktop Is Here, Plus a Little Extra

Who doesn’t love Google these days? Between a host of supercharged web apps that are offered for free all the way up to their work on the Android platform, some would say that there’s really nothing left for Google to innovate.

Incorrect. The next new thing is really improving the services that everyone uses constantly, like the search experience itself. Indeed, the search experience is already excellent but Google decided they wanted to bring something new to the table.

Google Voice Search for Desktop does exactly that, as you can see from the video below:

What we like is that it’s definitely a simple improvement, but a powerful one. As long as you have Chrome 11 and a microphone, you can make your searching a lot easier. For some people that tend to forget things easily, this is amazing news. Just saying a search term takes you right to where you need to be, giving you fewer delays between you and getting the answers you’re looking for.

Of course, one of the other things that helps about the culture around Google is that it’s one of open source. Check out this video that BreakfastNewYork created — open source work at its finest:

The devboard is actually a hardware solution, which is interesting because it merges software with hardware in a way that regular people can use and enjoy. The geekier set will also have fun playing with BreakfastNewYork’s solution as well — especially if they have access to the tools needed to create the hardware portion. It might take a little more know-how than the average web surfer wields on a daily basis, but the fact is that the technology is there — we just have to reach out for it.

What is equally telling here is that this is the perfect way for Google to remind people that they’re still in the game, in more ways than one. Even though Android is getting all the love lately, they’re still committed to making the search experience fun and exciting with little improvements that you have to play with in order to see just how convenient they really are.

It may take some getting used to before you’re really rocking out voice-style instead of keyboard-style, but trust us — it’s definitely worth making the transition. Try it out today!