Google Android Tablets vs iPads

Apple is a leader in technology and does an excellent job of creating a lot of hype over their new products through clever marketing. The most current device developed by Apple is the iPad tablet, though many people don’t know that there are actually several other similar tablets available which are based on the Google Android platform. These tablets are just as good if not better than the iPad, and are definitely worth considering before making any purchases.

Google’s Android is currently best known for its mobile platform used by several smart phones and has features and capabilities comparable to the Apple iPhone. Android’s state of the art technology has put Android phones in direct competition with iPhones and is expected to be steep competition for the iPad despite Apple’s superior marketing.

For starters, Android based tablets are available in different sizes, whereas the iPad is currently only available in one standard size. Another great feature of Android tablets is that the community of developers is much larger because, unlike iPhone developers, Android allows people to create new applications without requiring user approval. With so many more applications to choose from, Android tablets will offer so much more to users than the iPad currently does.

Android’s versatility with Flash based web sites and applications is another reason why these tablets are far superior to iPads, which are either permanently Flash enabled or not. Android users can purchase an accessory that will run Flash when they want to use their tablets to do things like watch TV or play a game on Hulu. Another feature the iPad lacks is UBS ports. Android tablets allow you to connect all kinds of USB devices to further enhance the uses and capabilities of your tablet, smart phone, or netbook.

The fact that the Android platform is usable on tablets, netbooks, and smart phones alike makes it the most versatile mobile platform ever created. The applications being developed and released are improving daily and are expected to become the most interactive and demanded programs of their kind.

For those who feel they can’t afford a tablet right away, you could benefit from following the progress of the Android tablets as they continue to be upgraded and improved upon over the next year or so. It is only a matter of time before an even more new and improved version is released, which will also reduce the costs of previous versions and accessories, allowing just about anybody to have a chance to own a Google Android product.