Google ups the ante with the latest Android handsets

We all know that Google is fighting hard for handset OS supremacy. So far Apple has held its own in the smartphone world with the iPhone and iPhone 3GS models, but this year the smartphone arena is set to get a whole lot fiercer with a number of manufacturers jumping on the Android Bandwagon. The highly anticipated Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is expected to show Android 2.1 in all its glory. You will be able to find Sony Ericsson X10 deals later this year in the UK.

And let’s not forget about Motorola. The American giant has risen from its noughties slumber to suggest that it can compete on the world’s smartphone stage, introducing the latest of its creations the Motorola Backflip. Motorola Backflip deals will also be available Q2 in the UK. The Backflip really does build on the strengths of the Droid and takes social media to another level.

Then there is the original partner for the Google Android project, HTC. The latest announcement regarding an Android phone in the Nexus one has received mixed reviews, mainly surrounding the cancellation cost in the states. Let’s just hope that when we can get hold of the Google Nexus one on contract in the UK that we don’t have to pay the ridiculous cancellation charges that an otherwise good phone has been associated with in the US.