How Google Android is Revolutionizing Mobile Technology

Android Inc. first developed the Android mobile platform now known as Google Android. It is based on the Linux Kernel operating system and enables web application developers to use their own Java codes to configure, customize, and fully control the mobile operating system.

The Google Android platform went through several phases before finally coming out with the Android OS-Donut, which included debuggers, libraries, tutorials, voice search, and applications, to name only a few features. It is the now the most advanced mobile platform on the market for many reasons, one being that it combines all of the latest mobile devices such as cell phones, portable televisions, digital cameras, handheld PCs, and GPS systems into one state of the art smart phone.

The main reason for the extreme success and versatility of the Android OS is because the program allows third party developers to create customized applications and widgets, which is not only beneficial for developers but for smart phone manufacturers as well. Several different manufacturers have been able to configure the Android OS to work with their products, including LG, HTC, Motorola, and Dell, with more and more different companies developing new, compatible smart phones every day.

Phones that run Google Android operate much like a computer desktop by allowing users to run multiple applications at once. For instance, one can browse the Internet while playing music or send an instant message in the middle of a telephone conversation. The possible combinations are endless and will completely revolutionize the way people use their cell phones forever.

The fact is that there are already thousands of applications created by both Google and by independent developers available on the market. They range vastly in terms of themes and purposes and serve an endless list of needs. These kinds of options combined with the ability to multitask between programs are two reasons why smart phones running alternate mobile platforms couldn’t begin to compete with the capabilities of Google’s Android.

The sales figures speak for themselves: Google Android is winning over mobile users around the world and is continuing to gain momentum. The most current version of the operating system is still being developed to further meet the needs of every mobile user, regardless of their age, disposition, or expectations.