Job Opportunities Created by Googles Android

Mobile technology is advancing at a rate so rapid that the demand for such products and services is growing exponentially. Especially with the release of the phenomenal Apple iPhone, the market for new and improved features and applications is more competitive than ever before. The iPhone, along with other smart phones, is not only revolutionizing the way people communicate, but it also created a significant transformation in the way we do business, seek entertainment, fulfill daily tasks, and use the Internet. All these things and more have never been more accessible and convenient before the release of Google’s Android; and all kinds of new jobs are emerging in order to accommodate this incredible new development.

Google’s Android is a mobile platform that is fast becoming Apple’s biggest competitor. In fact, the Android’s popularity is growing so fast that a whole new industry of application developers is forming. First off, freelancers far and wide are already capitalizing greatly on the needs of small businesses. Mobile web applications are fast becoming one of the most useful tools for all kinds of business owners, creating a whole new list of needs that freelancing programmers and developers can serve at a much more affordable rate than hiring a full time programmer.

Modern technology phone hardware developers also benefit greatly by the release of the Android because a very powerful phone is required in order to operate the highly advanced software. There are already many new handsets featuring Android and more are being developed and improved every day. As Google’s Android itself matures and improves, new and better hardware will be required to support it. In addition to this, mobile phone manufacturers will need to continuously upgrade their products to be compatible with Android’s applications.

The market for Android technology is not restricted to the mobile industry. For example, a new market of tablet devices much like Apple’s new iPad has emerged due to Android’s extremely adaptable operating system. The main intention behind the tablet’s technology is to improve the way people access information in a variety of situations, which requires a whole new industry of developers and programmers.

As you can see, the job market created by Google’s Android is vast and highly promising. The peaking mobile market combined with the deliberate versatility of the Android platform, the opportunities available for all kinds of professionals involved in mobile communications is endless.