Kindle for Android Gives Amazon Customers More Options for Accessing their Library than Ever Before

The Amazon Kindle is one of the best devices to come out in a long time, for several reasons. For starters, it’s getting people that weren’t very cell phone and technology savvy to embrace technology so they can go back to reading. It’s something that is giving people more options in entertainment, and you don’t have to be a techie to appreciate the Kindle. On the other hand, tech fans have embraced the Kindle because Amazon has been wise enough to make sure that they embrace a platform that tech fans are crazy about right now: the Android platform.

Indeed, Kindle for Amazon truly does give Amazon customers more options than ever before. The app is free from Amazon, and has several interesting features that are worth mentioning.

For starters, the app saves the last pages that you read on your Kindle and immediately marks that spot in the new app. It’s done via Whispersync, their special synchronization feature that truly makes your Kindle books more portable. There might be times where you need to leave your Kindle at home or leave it with someone else. This would still give you the ability to read all of your Kindle books without missing a beat. Turning your Android phone into a second Kindle through this app is actually quite clever, and gives you the ability to never miss reading your favorite books and magazines.

One of the first concerns about the Kindle for Android app was whether or not the books would resize themselves for the difference in screen space. After all, you’re getting a bit less space on an Android phone than you are with the actual Kindle. Howe3ver, that concern is unnecessary — Kindle for Amazon does indeed adjust everything — from the text size to the bookmark view — to fit your Android phone.

Even though the app was first created to support the current library that you have, you don’t have to live with never being able to buy another Kindle book again. You can go directly to the Kindle store from the Kindle for Amazon app and pick out new books whenever you like. You will still pay the same flat 9.99 for each book, which means that you won’t have to worry about any hidden charges just because you’re using a different app.

Overall, the Kindle for Android really gives you more options about how to interact with your Kindle books, but you have to check out the app in order to unlock the benefits!