New user features of the Android 1.6

There will be a lot of new user features on the Google android 1.6, and here are some of the more notable ones. First off, the framework for the search engine will be given a once over, and will be redesigned. This will result in a quicker, more consistent, and more effective way to get search results over a larger variety of sources. And this can be done from the home screen, making it easier than ever to use your phones search capabilities. (after all, it is a Google!) Also, the system will learn what contacts, results, or apps are more popular, and these will be at the top of your search results, making it easier to find the popular searches first.

For those of you who are a fan of the camera, you will be happy to know that this interface has been improved in several ways. For one, the camcorder and gallery experience has been improved drastically. You can take stills and video more easily by being able to toggle between the two with more ease. You can also select more than one photo for deletion, doing away with some of the tediousness. The camera has also been quickened on the Google Android thanks to the 1.6. It is actually 39% faster than it was, and that is an impressive improvement by anyone’s standards.

And, perhaps the best of all, a new battery usage indicator. This indicator will allow you to not only see how much battery power is left, but to find out which apps are consuming what amount of power on your phone. This way, when your battery starts to get weak, you can stops some applications from running to save power, and you can do it by finding out which ones are using the most energy! This might seem small, but there are a lot of other smart phone users out there who wish they had this feature!