Nokia N8 store

The Nokia N8 has been one of the most successful Nokia smart phones so far and one of the most popular phones to come out on the Symbian platform. An improved version of the software and, as you would expect from Nokia, some amazing hardware including a 12 megapixel camera means that this is a return to form for Nokia but what applications are available on the Symbian platform? As Google and Apple continue to win plaudits for their Android market and iPhone app store, what is on offer on Nokia’s own platform in terms of applications? Let’s have a look…

OVI Maps 3

Like on so many other mobile phone based innovations in the past, Nokia were the very first mobile phone company to offer turn by turn navigation on your handset. This latest version of the great OVI maps is very good and has clear enough visuals and sounds to use in your car and if you are like me you find it hard to navigate on foot, this is also great. It also links you to the Michelin and Lonely planet websites so you can look for local points of interest as well.


Another very inventive and useful app. Should, god forbid, your phone be stolen then Wavesecure will lock the handset send your pre-determined “buddy” a message letting them know and will use the GPS to track the mobile. You should not worry about your phone again if you have this app.


Another free app available on Symbian devices, Tunewiki will play your music for you but this is by no means all that it will do. You can also perform tune and lyrics searches should you have a tune stuck in your head and it is also is linked to the famous websites Last FM and Shoutcast. You can also create your own You Tube libraries and share them with other users, so all in all it is an extremely comprehensive media application.

The Nokia N8 has some of the most impressive software in recent times. Read all about it at Dialaphone.