Ready to Buy a House – These Android Apps Should Help!

If there ever was a stressful experience, it would definitely have to be buying a home — there are really so many different things to learn and so many houses to look at before you buy! Could your Android phone help you narrow things down?

Believe it or not, that little ‘Droid in your pocket could be more helpful to your real estate search than you might imagine. If you don’t believe us, the following list of Android apps should definitely get you rolling in the right direction.

1. Suburb Scout

It’s said that if you repeat something three times, it’s definitely got to be important. So in that spirit: resale value, resale value, resale value. Get our point? OK, in a nutshell — resale value matters. So when you’re trying to get the best house with the best resale value, you want to make sure that you’re not moving into a house that sits next to a prison, landfill, or a nuclear plant (hey, it could happen!). Enter Suburb Scout, a nifty little app that really lets you look to make sure that you’re not living next to or near something that will have your property value crashing to the ground faster than a supercharged asteroid.

2. Remember the Milk

As a potential home buyer, your to-do list is about as long as the Grand Canyon and twice as deep. Instead of trying to remember everything on your own, why not leave it to Remember the Milk? You will be able to enter in an unlimited number of tasks with deadlines and due dates, and then let the app handle the rest from there.


Buying a home is a new location can make you feel pretty nervous — after all, you don’t know where anything is! This is where the WHERE Android app comes in. This program will give you the scoop on where everything around you is — you can even find friends, if they’re plugged in to the Where database. Real-time search gets better and better with time, so don’t be surprised if you start really relying on the results that you get from WHERE.

4. Karl’s Mortgage Calculator

Ready to talk turkey with your real estate agent? Make sure that the home you’ve fallen in love with isn’t going to drain every last penny you have coming in.

5. Evernote — Get Evernote — just do it.

If you take a lot of notes about each and every house, you will love Evernote with all of your heart and soul. Just take our word for it — it’s really that good of an application. Your Android will really never be the same if you get something like Evernote at your disposal.

Could we have listed off more real estate happy Android apps? Of course we could — but these five are really the best of the best. As you play with your Android phone more, don’t be surprised if you pick up more real estate apps. Of course, if you find a great app that isn’t listed here, just let us know — we’d love to update our list too!