If you just bought a nice new Android phone, you might think about getting a few apps for it. There's nothing wrong with picking up new applications for your Android phone. In fact, it's definitely encouraged. The culture of Android doesn't assume that the phone will be able to do everything you want with no need for applications. Instead, the entire foundation of the Android platform is designed to encourage people to come up with solutions to make your Android phone run a little nicer, a little cleaner and a lot whole better.

It all really starts with the Android app market, a place where you can pick up the latest apps. Now, keep in mind that the Android market hosts both free and paid apps. Every program hopes to change your phone for the better, and the open source nature means that you can always count on yet another developer coming up with a program to make your phone does something cool. This is a lot different than the iPhone app market, which is tightly regulated. The apps in the Android market aren’t controlled very much at all, which means that you could end up getting a bad program here and there. This is where the community steps in to highlight the best apps. You can bet your phone that a bad app won’t stay in the market for long, considering how many people are addicted to all things Android.

Ready to jump in? Great! A few points:

One, you need to decide whether or not you want to upload apps to your phone from your computer or if you want to actually download them from the Android market directly on your phone. To go with direct downloads, you will need to open the Android Market application that's already on your phone. You will be able to browse the market and download anything that looks interesting to you.

If you want to use an outside file manager to do this, there are some options as well -- like AppBrain, Apps Installer and Astro File Manager. This will let you manipulate the "raw" APK file and install your application quickly.

If you're not sure what programs to begin with, you might want to just spend some time navigating the market. Keep in mind that any file that you want to get is going to definitely to take up space on your phone, and that's space that could be used for another program or even to store your personal files. If you really want to make sure that you're balancing the space question properly, you will need to keep your apps on the SD card as much as possible. You can always swap out SD cards when you urn out of space, which is what a lot of Android users do.

Overall, the Android app market is definitely here to stay. You can be assured that no matter what Android phone you get, you will find something in the app market to make it work even better than the day you bought it!

If there ever was a stressful experience, it would definitely have to be buying a home -- there are really so many different things to learn and so many houses to look at before you buy! Could your Android phone help you narrow things down?

Believe it or not, that little 'Droid in your pocket could be more helpful to your real estate search than you might imagine. If you don't believe us, the following list of Android apps should definitely get you rolling in the right direction.

1. Suburb Scout

It's said that if you repeat something three times, it's definitely got to be important. So in that spirit: resale value, resale value, resale value. Get our point? OK, in a nutshell -- resale value matters. So when you're trying to get the best house with the best resale value, you want to make sure that you're not moving into a house that sits next to a prison, landfill, or a nuclear plant (hey, it could happen!). Enter Suburb Scout, a nifty little app that really lets you look to make sure that you're not living next to or near something that will have your property value crashing to the ground faster than a supercharged asteroid.

2. Remember the Milk

As a potential home buyer, your to-do list is about as long as the Grand Canyon and twice as deep. Instead of trying to remember everything on your own, why not leave it to Remember the Milk? You will be able to enter in an unlimited number of tasks with deadlines and due dates, and then let the app handle the rest from there.


Buying a home is a new location can make you feel pretty nervous -- after all, you don't know where anything is! This is where the WHERE Android app comes in. This program will give you the scoop on where everything around you is -- you can even find friends, if they're plugged in to the Where database. Real-time search gets better and better with time, so don't be surprised if you start really relying on the results that you get from WHERE. ...continue reading Ready to Buy a House – These Android Apps Should Help!

Recent statistics have shown that more and more people are buying smartphones every week. This is due to a huge range of features offered on smartphones that you just do not get on other phones. Features such as web browsing, e-mail, top digital cameras and, of course; applications.

The increase in the amount of apps available on Android market is a sure indicator of this and although many of them are not particularly useful, there are many that very much are. Here are some of the best apps available for your Android HTC Desire (or other Android phone) at the moment.

Khan Academy

The Khan Academy videos on YouTube have become more and more popular with students all over the world. If you feel you are struggling with any subject at school or college then you can watch a series of videos explaining them in a simple, friendly way. Now you can get these video tutorials on your Android phone to access whenever you want.


This application allows you to remotely access your smartphone even when you do not have it in your hand. Send messages, e-mails, take photos and plenty more after syncing your phone up with the LazyDroid application. You can even show people a live shot of what's happening on your phone at any time.

Photo Wonder

There are plenty of great photo effects and editing applications for your Android mobiles, with retro camera and Vignette being just two of them. This is another slant on the idea and lets you add clip art and captions as well as giving you other options for your photos. You can also share your artwork with all of your friends, and of course perfect strangers, on the top social networking websites.

Find more of the best apps at the Phones4u website.

No one likes being sick, but we often don't really think about our health until it's really too late -- you're already sick, and it's much harder to get back to healthy than it is to avoid getting sick! However, if you already carry around your Android everywhere and you're sick in bed, you might as well download a few apps to help you feel better fast -- right?

If you're not sure where to begin, we don't blame you -- after all, the Android Marketplace has grown to immeasurable heights, and developers are creating apps all the time to take advantage of all the unique features of the Android OS.

So let us help with the following list of Android apps that will have you getting healthy and happy again in virtually no time at all!

1. Diet & Food Tracker

It's all about watching what you eat, in more ways than one. If you don't put the right things in your body, the lack of nutrients can really make you sick. There's no need to feel like you aren't going to be able to take care of yourself when there are plenty of resources to help you really maintain your health the right way. As the name implies, this app will help you watch what you eat and monitor your caloric intake on top of everything else.

2. Vitamin Tips

As mentioned before, what you put into your body matters. This app will tell you exactly what you need to put in your body, as well as help you keep from overdoing the supplements. It can be just as bad to overload your body with supplements as it is to not have enough nutrients.

3. WebMD

Everyone’s favorite medical website is now on your Android phone. While you're in bed sick, you can be reading through WebMD’s massive medical library and figuring out how to take care of yourself even better than you are now. WebMD is a site that's managed and monitored by numerous medical professionals, which means that you can feel better about the information that you receive.

Great information is usually only a click away, and when you're sick in bed you need to make sure that click is as convenient as possible. It really doesn't get more convenient than your Android phone, so why not check out these apps and download them today?

Android phones are growing in popularity and that's good news for poker fans as well, as it means an entire new platform for game developers to tackle. Even better is the fact that unlike Apple and its iron grip on what can and can't be sold at the App Store, there are fewer restrictions on what types of apps can be developed and distributed for Android powered phones.

If you're just getting started with poker on your Android phone and are looking for a simple poker game, there are plenty of apps to choose from. It all boils down to what type of poker game you're looking for, as far as a single-player game that pits you against computer opponents in a variety of settings or a multi-player game that lets you play with friends and other players from around the world. Each type has its own pros and cons, and it really just depends on what your personal preferences are.

As far as some of the more popular Android poker apps, Zynga live Poker and Live Hold'em are two of the more popular apps, with both featuring multi-player action that's very similar to what you find at online poker sites. Since both apps only let you play for play money, it's more like free poker online than anything else, as you can't play for real money on any of the current Android poker apps.

Aside from apps that let you play poker, there are also other poker-related apps for Android phones that tackle other facets of the game, including odds calculators and clocks that manage tournament levels and notify you when blinds increase. There are also other poker utility apps that let you track how much you win or lose in cash games or at the casino as well as ones that deliver poker news, chip counts, and reports from tournaments directly to your phone.