Three Android Apps Not Worth Downloading

Even though there are currently over 100,000 Android apps available in the Android Market, not all of them are worth downloading. Quantity does not equate to quality. Of course, each worthless application is as such for varying reasons. Some apps may be based on a great idea but are incorrectly executed while others are considered to be plain ridiculous. The following are three Android apps to skip the next time you search for new downloads.


The CarSafety application for Android sounds an emergency alarm in the event the user is in a car accident. If the user does not turn off the alarm in 60 seconds or less, the CarSafety app will send an SMS that sends the address of the alleged accident as well as the GPS coordinates to a predetermined phone number. However, some Android users report that this app does not function when their device is in sleep mode.

So how does CarSafety determine if you are in a car crash? It does this by using the phone’s accelerometer. Unfortunately, dropping the phone can sometimes be enough to set off the CarSafety alarm. In addition, it constantly runs in the device’s background, wasting precious battery life that will be needed to make a phone call if you actually do have a car accident.

My Perfect Egg Timer

With My Perfect Egg Timer, Android users can calculate how long it will take to boil an egg. By inputting the diameter of the egg, the temperature of the egg and the desired hardness or softness, this application will turn on an egg timer as soon as the egg in question is placed in boiling water. Moments before the egg should be taken out, My Perfect Egg Timer will notify the user so they can remove said egg.

Also, this application utilizes the Android device’s built-in GPS in order to detect the altitude, allowing for any cooking time adjustments. While anyone who loves boiled eggs or has tons of disposable time may enjoy My Perfect Egg Timer, this application falls into the “boring” category for most people. All in all, this app wastes space and nothing more.

Pocket Agent

The Pocket Agent allows users to directly contact their insurance agent in order to file a claim, check their Mutual Fund and State Farm accounts, look at their insurance policy and find State Farm’s Select Service repair centers, rental car facilities, hotels and emergency contacts. To use this application, one needs to register for an account online but if the user happens to mistype their login information more than three times, they must reactivate their account before they are granted further access. This app seems like a little too much work when you can just call your insurance agent to get the information you need.