Top 10 NetBook Accessories

2009 has brought the word NetBook into our vocabulary, a mash-up of the two words Internet and notebook computer.  This newfound niche for computers fills a void for those users who need to accomplish more than their Blackberry or iPhone can do, without lugging around a full sized notebook computer.  With most models sporting a 9” or smaller screen and weighing 30% less than a traditional notebook, it’s an ideal traveling partner.

With all the good that NetBooks bring, they still need some accessories to help accomplish tasks better and faster.

1. Case Logic’s Urban Messenger Pak

It doesn’t look like a computer bag, yet holds a NetBook, accessories, phone and more in a stylish package. An adjustable shoulder or hand strap lets you carry the bag on your back or in your hands.

case-logic2. MoGo Presenter Mouse X54

This Bluetooth device gives you the freedom of having a mouse to use since most netbooks compromise the trackpad / touchpad space, without the bulk of standard size mouse.  It also includes a presenter function, allowing you to control your NetBook for slideshow presentations.


3. NeatReceipts

This mobile scanner allows you tame all of those loose scraps of paper you accumulate on the road. Its OCR technology captures text into a searchable PDF format for easy archival and retrieval. It’s also great for scanning business cards, since its software easily exports to MS Outlook. Best of all, it’s a small device that is not tough to carry around with you.

neat-receipts4. IOGEAR’s USB Laptop KVM Switch with File Transfer

An essential device used to connect your NetBook to a desktop computer for screen sharing and file transfers.  KVM, or keyboard, video, mouse switch traditionally allows two computers to share the same peripherals, the IOGEAR product also allows file transfers via an on-screen menu system.  This small accessory is a great way to utilize your full sized desktop monitor instead of the netbook’s smaller screen and is essential for fast file transfers and backups.

iogear5. Western Digital’s My Passport Elite 500GB USB 2.0 External Hard Drive

The perfect accessory for NetBook users who need to carry lots of data with them.  Most NetBooks come installed with very small hard drives and those with SSD drives are usually 32GB and under, but this slim, fashionable device can carry most anything you’ll need.  Transfer at full USB 2.0 speeds and enjoy the multitude of colors it’s available in to match or clash with your NetBook.

wd-my-passport6. Targus Laptop Chill Mat

You need this device to help keep the heat out of your NetBook and off your lap.  NetBooks are small, that’s what makes them attractive, but they still generate heat and that is computer components worst nightmare.  Utilizing the USB port on your netbook for power, this slim, lightweight mat sits under your computer with two powerful fans to keep your netbook running cool all day long.

targuslaptop-chill-mat7. Samsung SE-S084B Slot Loading Slim 8x DVD Burner

Most NetBooks don’t have room for burners in them, but sometimes you need to either burn something or utilize a CD / DVD drive to load new software.  This slim, slot-loading 8x burner is built for netbooks and laptops and can be completely powered by a USB source, no need to carry a bulky AC adapter to use.

samsung-se-s084b8. IOGEAR’s Wireless USB Hub and Adapter Kit

This USB adapter is perfect for setting up in your home or office (or both) to connect your printer, scanner and other USB devices to, then plug the USB adapter into your netbook to utilize those devices wirelessly, up to 30 feet away.

iogears9. Logitech Alto Cordless Keyboard

For NetBook users, this is the Ferrari of accessories to have at home or the office.  If you utilize your netbook on a fulltime basis, having a full sized keyboard is a must-have.  Additionally, the Alto comes with a stand to hold your netbook at a comfortable viewing angle to reduce neck pain.  Cord management is also integrated to keep everything nice and tidy.

logitech-alto-cordless10. SanDisk Ultra II SDHC memory card

A common feature on NetBooks is a built in SD memory card slot, which is perfect since most point & shoot digital cameras on the market utilize the SD technology.  Additionally, it’s a simple way to easily expand the amount of data that can be stored in the netbook without an external hard drive. Sandisk offers cards from 2GB to 32GB to fit almost any budget and need.  Read/write speed is 15mb/second so you won’t wait long for files to transfer.

san-disk-ultra-2-sdhcUtilizing these 10 accessories will allow you to maximize your new NetBook for everything it has to offer, and then some.  Best of all, these are all small enough to carry with you almost anywhere you go.

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