Unleash Your Inner Scientist – and Win Big!

What do you get when you cross your love of science with competition? Well, if you slip in the fact that Google is leading the way in getting people excited about the science of life, you actually have a Science Fair! For all of the innovation that Google brings to the table, people don’t realize that Google’s main approach is to help inspire and encourage the next generation.

So if you’re young and you enjoyed the Google Summer of Code — but you’re not a programmer, there’s finally a competition for you.

The Google Science Fair is simple: you need to focus on an experiment that benefits the world in one form or another. That’s the name of the game. You create the experiment, document it, and then create a report of your project.

You have to either submit a short video or a 20-slide presentation to Google in order to get your entry accepted.

Now, you might wonder what’s in it for you. If you’ve ever wanted a chance at the new Google Chrome OS net book or even a shiny new Android phone, then you really want to take your love of science to the next level. While the competition is going to be fierce (hey, it’s Google), the reality is that the grand prize and even the finalist prizes are going to be very nice.

The Grand Prize winner is going to get $50,000 for college, as well as a trip to the Galapagos Islands, plus the Android phone and the net book.

What can Android do for you and your love of science? Plenty. When it comes to customization and tinkering, it’s better to have an Android phone than anything else. This means that if you ever wanted to hit the ground running when it comes to mobile application development, you’ve basically got a low-cost (in your case, free if you win!) mobile laboratory in the palm of your hands. Your friends will not be able to believe that you actually landed such a cool phone. Of course, you don’t have to wait to get an Android phone either — the types of features that await you are just much fun to ignore.

Just think: if you win you can record data, share pictures of your projects with friends, and otherwise be completely free and mobile. While other phones claim to offer you that flexibility, Android is open enough to not only let you have that freedom, but you get to shape it into anything you want — now that’s power! Why not enter the Google Science Fair today? Time’s running out, so don’t forget about it!