Upgrading Your Android OS Without Losing Your Cool

What’s that? A new upgrade to a higher Android OS is available for your phone and provider? Say it ain’t so! If you’ve just gotten the good word that a new version of the Android OS is available for you to upgrade to, you might have one thought above all others: dude, that’s totally sweet. Of course, if you’re thinking about how difficult it’s going to be to get your hands on the new version and actually have it work, don’t worry: it’s really not as hard as you might think to get this done. You just need to follow a few steps.

Ready to get started? Great, so are we:

First and foremost, you will want to make sure that you actually back up all of your files. And yes, we do mean all of them. Everything’s going to get erased because it’s a total operating system change. You want to make sure that your contacts, photos, videos, and everything else that’s customized is backed up as much as possible. Your apps too, if you want to just move them back when they’re finished.

From there, you will need to also make sure that you have plenty of space on that shiny SD card of yours. It’s tempting to try to stick things onto an already crowded SD Card, but hits is not something that you want to deal with having no space for — it will ruin your chances of a smooth Android installation.

The last step really is to download the new file package, which can be pretty big. You don’t want to go with an unstable Internet connection for this, as it’s going to make it very, very difficult to get anything correctly installed. You will need a Wi-Fi stable connection that you can use for a little while — long enough to download the package.

Thankfully, everything else is automated. You aren’t going to have to worry about making ten thousand decisions at once. The phone knows what to do, and you can count on your Android phone to do it well.

Now, you might think that there are going to be problems with installing a new operating system, but it’s really not the case. Of course, if you need help you can always stop into any of the many Android forums online. They know how to get things done for you, and they can show you a few tips and tricks that really go beyond the scope of this guide. Why not get started today, you’ll definitely be glad that you did!