Why Android Will Be The Next Big Thing

Google created a lot of buzz about a month back over the introduction of its Android technology. Android will be the first open and free mobile platform for developing applications. Its going to be big…but why? Well, currently developers for mobile phones face a plethora of issues including:

* Applications for browsers on mobile phones are based on the Javascript based Ajax. This has many limitations for dynamic storage based applications as there is no way to store data on the mobile phone being dynamically updated.
* The browser based applications cannot access the different core functions of a mobile phone (e.g. the camera).
* No customization options for a mobile phone’s GUI. Most people have to stick with the look which ships with the mobile phone’s operating system. (Honestly a lot of the GUIs in modern phones look horrible and I have always wished to customize them)
* Applications designed for specific mobile phones won’t work on low end phones because of different programming architectures as well as features.
* No operating system on mobile phones is open source and the programmers are limited to only what the operating system allows them to do and volunteers cannot modify it according to their needs.

Here is why Android will change all the above issues:

* Andriod is open source, anyone who wants to contribute to interface improvements or core changes can do so.
* Andriod is scalable, it will have its high end features reserved for higher priced mobile phones while lower end mobile phones can benefit from its basic features as well.
* Everything about it will be customizable so you won’t be stuck with the GUI which shipped with the mobile phone for the rest of your damned life!
* Database support to dynamically store and retrieve data on a mobile phone.
* Dozens of hardware manufacturers will support Android. Thus HTC based mobile phones will be able to run the same applications as Samsung mobile phones which will all support Andriod in the future.

Andriod opens a whole new set of possibilities for the mobile market. I think Nokia did a major blunder by not supporting the Android platform. Sure, Apple’s IPhone is a short term threat to Nokia…but it won’t last forever, I think they should have thought harder over it. Android will one day be run on the majority of mobile phones all over the world developed by multiple mobile phone manufacturers. Today, Nokia is in the majority, but once the smaller companies unite and take down the bigger fish by using a unified platform, then Nokia won’t have time to look back and correct its mistake. Android is the future ladies and gentlemen!

Source: SkullTrail