3 Tips to Keep You Safe Online

You can’t emphasize enough on how the Internet has changed our lives. Today every little piece of information you need on virtually any topic however small, the Internet has it covered in different forms from text to video to presentations on different topics. It has also become a global marketplace where billions of dollars are exchanged instantly across the world. With all the positive effects it is inevitable that just like everything else that exists today there are negative effects as well.

People using the internet are vulnerable to viruses, spyware, identity thieves, phishing scams and other cyber crimes, however with a little bit of attention towards these vulnerabilities you could keep yourself safe when you use the internet, here are 3 tips:

•    Use an Antivirus software

Viruses have been the single most dangerous threat to computers for years; it has cost the software industry billions of dollars and spreads very quickly across networks, thus the name virus. Using an antivirus software is essential to keeping you safe online from such malicious software.

•    Use an Anti spyware software

Like viruses, spyware has become common on the net known to quietly track your web usage without your consent; this is fairly a new phenomenon but has become a growing threat and can be just as hazardous as viruses.

•    Use a Firewall

Using firewall software is also required to keep users from gaining unauthorized access to your computer system.

Apart from the above three necessities precautionary measures such as refraining from opening unsolicited mail and accessing potentially malicious websites can also protect you online.