7 Android Apps for Busy Moms That Need a Break

When you take the plunge to become a mother, you already know that you’re life is about to turn upside down — but in a good way! It’s said that there’s no job on earth like being a mother, and there’s really no job that’s more important. Hey, we all had a mom at some point, right?

If you’re a busy mom looking for a way to put that shiny new Android phone you got to good use, here’s 7 Android apps that can really help you take some of the load off those childraising shoulders.

1. OurGroceries — If there’s one thing that you have to always think about, it’s definitely the groceries. After all, kids tend to pack away a lot of food, which means that you will need to make sure that you always have some food set aside for everyone in the house. OurGroceries is an app that makes managing the grocery lists a real breeze — it’s easy to add items, it’s easy to take away items, and it’s downright simple to add notes. It’s exactly what you nee d– an extra pair of hands to remember those little things on the grocery list that need to be purchased now.

2. CardioTrainer
— Every mom needs to get in that all-important exercise routine. CardioTrainer tracks your progress and helps you set realistic goals that are easy to maintain. Since you have a lot on your plate, you can even count on CardioTrainer to remind you when you need to take your next run or other cardio-heavy activity. It’s completely up to you. Oh, if you’re wondering whether or not you have to give up your music just to use CT, here’s good news — you don’t, music integration is completely part of the app.

3. aCar — Unless you have a partner that really considers themselves to be Mr. Fix It, chances are good that you’re also responsible for making sure that the family cars are running in tip top shape. There’s nothing wrong with handling this on your own, but why not let an app like aCar make it a little bit easier? Instead of trying to remember when all of the services need to be checked on the car, you can let aCar manage that for you. Even if you switch phones, you’ll still be able to import the statistics into your new copy of aCar, giving you worry-free maintenance that lets you get on with the rest of life.

If you are running a home based business like many moms are doing now, you also have another benefit waiting for you when you pick up aCar — you will be able to track mileage as well as expenses that you incur on the car. This makes it much easier to face the accountant before tax season starts. You really can’t pass up aCar — many people love the app, not just moms. Still, it holds a place on the list because of the benefits it actually gives everyday moms.

4. EverNote — If you’re the type of busy mom that needs to take a lot of notes, EverNote is definitely an app that you must add to your collection. It will make your note taking experience so much nicer than what you’re dealing with now — download the app and you’re good to go — it’s free! And if you run out of space on your HDD you can always use disk cleaner to manage your data.

5. BabyBump — If you’re tracking the kids that you already have around all day, it can be hard to track the progress of the child that’s growing inside of you when you’re expecting. This app makes it downright easy to follow along with your pregnancy — you can even get Dad in on the fun too.

6. Listen — When you’re out and about, you have to listen to something other than the sounds of everyday life, right? Enter Listen, a Google Android app that is designed to help you manage each and every last one of your podcasts. There’s nothing wrong with being a geek and a mom at the same time, is there?

7. Ringdroid — It might seem odd to have an Android app on here that is more or less fun and entertainment-oriented, but there is a reason for this. When you’re a busy mom, you need to make sure that you have everyone organized on your phone. You don’t want to pick up the phone and not know who is calling — that’s what custom ringtones are for. Instead of paying more for ringtones, you can use Ringdroid to convert any MP3 file on your phone into a ringtone. You can even trim it down to make it fit on the device.

There are plenty of other apps out there for busy moms — it’s pretty hard to track them all. If you’re loving the Android lifestyle and running a family of your own, don’t be afraid to weigh in with the Android apps that really rock your day!