Android Apps Every Business Traveler Needs

When your place of employment requires you to travel, there are certain tools you need to manage your files, communicate with your home office and navigate the city you are visiting. With the Android device, any business traveler can enjoy simple productivity via the various apps specifically designed for this mobile device.

Always Be Local

Always be Local is a “travel companion” that utilizes GPS technological in order to locate destinations and the various stores, restaurants and other activities within the vicinity. This application is ideal for those in town for a short stay, especially in an unfamiliar one.


Many business travelers rely on public transportation and cab companies to save on traveling costs. If you are one of those travelers, Cab4Me is a free application that locates the nearest cab companies in your area. Service reviews of each company are even included.


Cashbook tracts expenses on a weekly and monthly basis. Users of this Android device can even keep tabs on their mileage.


When using this app, it is possible to covert 160 different currencies. The exchange rates are calculated in real-time. Charts, trends and other news are included for an added bonus.


If you have decided to pack light and want leave your laptop at home but you fear you may need to access certain files, GoAruna is a wonderful solution. This application lets users drop their files into their device before they leave, allowing access to them at a later date. This also relieves you of the hassle of getting your laptop through airport security.

Meeting Notes

Meeting notes lets the Android user not only write notes, but also take pictures and records voice memos. In addition, it provides the capability of organizing, search and e-mailing photo and audio clips. You can multipurpose this app by using it to take pictures of and organize expense receipts.

Talk to Me

If you find yourself in a foreign country during the course of your work-related traveling, Talk to Me is a fantastic translation app for Android. Not only is it free, but also covers five different languages – English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.


Many Android users appreciate TripIt for its ability to organize a wide array of itinerary information in an easily readable format, such as restaurants, flights and hotels. Other features of this app include GPS technology and gate-change alerts at the airport.