Android Apps Parents Will Love

Any Android phone owner who has children is well-aware of the fascination their children have for the device. Most kids frequently beg their parents to take pictures or videos clips of them. Older children usually ask to play with device so they can enjoy the many cool games and features. If this sounds familiar to you, there is another solution besides hiding your device. Instead, consider add some applications that both you and your children will enjoy.

Alphabet for Toddlers

Alphabet for Toddlers, made by Breezy Labs, is perfect for keeping the pre-preschooler set occupied. With this application, small children can learn their alphabet and have fun while doing it. Alphabet for Toddlers groups sounds with letters in order to make learning exciting.

Kids Paint

Created by Virtual GS, Kids Paint allows anyone to paint a beautiful picture. When ready to erase, simply shake your Android device for a clean canvas. Simple, interesting and fun for kids and their parents.

Pacman – The Championship Edition

No Android phone is complete without a classic game and Pacman is about as classic as they come. Pass the “Pacman torch” to your own children by downloading this nostalgic arcade game. If you are worried that your older children may find this game a bit dull, don’t be. The Championship Edition has excellent graphics and other updates that gives Pacman modern appeal.


Timer, developed by Speedy Marks, is made especially for parents. This application will come in handy to keep track of whose turn it is during an activity by simply setting the timer for the end of a turn and the start of the following one. Timer is full of possibilities for “child management.”

Zoodles: Kids Games and Kid Mode

Zoodles is an Android app that will keep gaming safe for your children by providing access to a slew of games made for all age groups of children as well as timers to keep track of playing and parental controls for safety. Anyone who wants to give their children a fun, education experience in a safe environment will quickly learn that this Zoodles app perfectly “fits the bill.” Because this application is a load of fun, Android-using parents may find that getting the device back from their children may be difficult. Zoodles currently offers a free trial membership; once the trial period is over, you can choose to continue on to a paid membership that can be billed on a monthly or yearly basis.