Android map app review

Android comes equipped with a fully interactive map application. But, just how user friendly is this system? Is it really all it is cracked up to be? After all, it should at least be as good as Google maps, right? Well, these are all good questions, so lets just look into the facts and see what Google has come up with.

First off, Google has definitely come up with a map platform that contains all the features you have come to know and love in Google maps. You can type  in any address or location, and you can get a map view of it. You can then zoom in or out at will, just as you can with Google maps. The application is easy to load, pretty easy to figure out, and you will be finding new routes and plotting courses within minutes!

You can also, of course, pan around using the very handy touch screen interaction. Feel free to use your finger and look around. You can also zoom in or out when panned to the left, right, or wherever… giving you a map application that is highly interactive and east to use.

And don’t forget… as you pan, your map tiles will load with the amazing speed that 3g delivers, so if you think you will be waiting a long time for your maps to load, think again. Maps load basically instantly with the built in 3g speeds that Android takes full advantage of.

So, it looks like Google has done it again. With the Google Android Map app, you can basically expect Google maps, but faster, better, and even better looking than it used to be! Google has definitely pulled out all the stops on this one, so you can forget about getting lost!