BioWallet Android Apps – The phones of the future

As we move into the future of mobile communication, one thing is for certain – technology is definitely catching up with us! And when  you start to see kids with retinal scanners on their mobile phones, you know that we have surged through the present and are now flying wildly into the future. What kind of future is that? Well, what it seems like right now is a world of jumbles, with the technologically impaired stumbling along, clashing with the tech-savvy, who are bent on a total worldwide “rewire” that will finally connect everyone, and everything, on a perfect, instant network.

Basically, we all want the same thing – mobile phones that are more like computers, offices, communication devices, social networking tools – and even our link to the rest of the world. As the world grows more dependent on mobile phones, the more they continue to evolve.  You read as the subject of this article about a program called Biowallet. What is that app? Well, it is simply a retinal scanner for mobile phones. You can use it to set a password on your phone so secure that only YOU can unlock it – by scanning your eye retina! Is this really so surprising? Not really – after all, people in countries like Korea have been using this type of security in their day-to-day lives for years now. But in the United States, most homes still don’t have alarm systems! A simple dead bolt suffices for many people, which shows that cell phones are perhaps evolving more than we are!

There is no doubt that mobile phones are getting  more sophisticated – but will their boundaries know any limits? Probably not, but we will see.