Let’s face it, the default calendar widget that comes with Android leave a lot to be desired, especially for people who rely on using the app. Enter CalWidget from Egg ‘n Stone, a full replacement for the default calendar widget that hooks right into the calendar and offers a ton of customization options, and will display more than one upcoming event.

CalWidget is simply a widget, but that doesn’t mean it’s simple. This free app is far from simple, coming in many different sizes ranging from 2×1 to 4×4. You can also choose which calendars show up in the widget, in case you are syncing multiple ones. You can even have a widget for each if you want. Other customization options include how the date is displayed, which colors are used, and how far ahead the widget will display events. The default is one month, but if you really rely on using your calendar, I doubt this widget will be displaying events that far in advance, unless you are on a tablet, then it might be able to reach a month.

There really are no cons at all for this free Android app. The only complaint one could make is that the customization menus are not pretty, but they get the job done quite fine. Egg ‘n Stone (an odd sounding developer name) has produced a much needed calendar replacement widget that is a must have for anyone who makes use of their calendar on their Android device. CalWidget does everything it needs to very well including displaying events in a very easy to read fashion, and doesn’t try to do anything else. There are no ads at all, and nothing to detract from the app in any way shape or form. CalWidget is just a great free app for Android.