Cloud computing for the small and mid sized business

Do you ever wish you had an offline way to back up and access valuable files and information?

Well, cloud computing brings you what might be the best system you have ever seen! Egnyte brings you Local Cloud…an on demand file sharing service that gives you access to many features, including offline access to all of your files, faster work time with larger files, and even copies of all your local files for work or backup use! The software is easy to install, and it can be either installed directly to your computer hard drive, or even to an inexpensive, off the wall computer memory device outside of your unit!

The best thing about Egnyte’s system here is that even if you lose your internet connectivity, you can stay connected and have access to the documents that your company really needs! Small companies need access to their important forms and documents, and Cloud computing from Egnyte can give you this, and more, for an inexpensive low price that any small or mid sized business can actually afford! And then, when your internet connectivity is restored, you can access your files from anywhere in the world!… it all works together to help you do business all the time, and that is what it is all about, right? With Cloud computing, you can be on your way to competing even in internet black outs, which means that you can finally compete with even those bigger companies that spend a TON MORE staying stocked on backup options.