Could True Love Find You – Let These 3 Android Apps Help

Dating — depending on where you are in the dating game, that one little word can make you wrinkle your nose in disgust or get a funny little grin on your face. It’s really that divisive — you’re either having a good time at the dating game, or you’re not. Of course, if you’re not having a good time at dating, you’re most likely scrambling to find a solution that really works.

What does this have to do with that shiny new Android phone in your pocket? Well, a lot of things. For starters, there are plenty of different Android apps in the marketplace, and it was only a matter of time before someone came up with a few tools to make dating a little easier.

If you’re looking for true love, here are 3 Android apps that might make it a little easier.

1. MiuMeet

All good dating starts with actually getting in touch with someone and getting to know them a bit better. However, there‚Äôs something to be read about just reaching out and contacting someone. This is where the MiuMeet Android app comes in. Instead of trying to search endlessly for people to meet up with, you can actually bring the people to you with this app. The app will scan your immediate area and pop up with a grid of different faces. Once you select the person that you want to talk to, you can text or invite them to chat with you. You can handle the rest from there, can’t you?


There’s just something about that makes them one of the hottest dating sites around. This isn’t a recent title — has been the destination for serious daters for a long time now. If you’re really ready to give up the dating game and find the one that you’re meant to be with, this site is for you. The Android app gives you the ability to get the best of right on your phone.

3. Flirtomatic

Social networking is great and all, but when you know that you want to meet someone awesome, you have to do a little more than post on walls and send sparkly graphics. You will want to have the ability to really reach out, and Flirtomatic helps you do just that. The power of this app is that it takes your Facebook contact list and gives you the ability to flirt with them in an environment that makes it not only effortless, but truly addictive.

As you might imagine, the list of Android dating apps is still growing. If you’re part of a major dating site, you might want to be prepared to have an Android app created just for the site. The power of these apps is great, but as more apps come on the horizon, one thing is definitely clear — the world of dating apps is going to explode exponentially, and that means that you should have all the tools in the world to find true love!