Embrace Your Inner Geek with These 5 Android Apps

If you’re a geek, there’s no reason to hide it. This is the era of the geek, and it’s going to stay that way for a long time. Look at the entire Android platform if you don’t believe us — it’s a phone designed to make you feel downright peachy about being a geek. However, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t apps out there to help you live out your inner geek to the fullest.

For those trying to get their inner geek to the surface, rock it out with these 5 Android apps.

1. Where’s My Droid? — Hey, just because you’re a geek doesn’t meant hat you’d never lose your phone. Just about everyone’s lost their phone, and it’s definitely not a pleasant feeling. The time for feeling like you’ll never see your phone again is over — there’s a new game in town.  Just send a quick “Where’s my phone?” text to your phone, and your phone will go off silent and start ringing its little head off – exactly what you need to find your phone.

2. Advanced Task Killer — If there’s one thing about geeks, it’s that they just can’t leave well enough alone. They want to make sure that their systems are running at maximum efficiency, and Advanced Task Killer is one of those apps that helps you do just that. With ATK, you can immediately zap any app that has overstayed its welcome, while leaving your system running as smooth as a baby’s…well, you know.

3. ConnectBot — It’s a Windows, Windows, Windows World…All cheesy James Brown parodies aside, the tech world is heavily Windows — at least on the general user side. On the geek side, you do have options. No matter if you’re running Windows or Linux; make sure that you will always be able to establish a secure connection from your mobile phone to the computer of your choice.

4. Photoshop.com Mobile — Photo editing at its finest — even if you’re not a huge artist, you will find that the basic version of this mobile Android app will give you more options than you really know what to do with.

5. Ringdroid — In the past, if you wanted a hot ring tone or a message tone for your friends, you had to pay through the nose just to get what you want. Not anymore — Ringdroid is an app with attitude — your attitude! If you don’t want to pay for ringtones, this app will give you just about every ringtone you could ever want. The secret lies in the app’s ability to take any MP3 files you have on your phone and create ringtones on the fly. If a song is too long, you can clip it down and make it the perfect length for a ringtone that will eventually annoy every last one of your friends — what could be better than that?

Overall, these Android apps are pretty geeky, but you wouldn’t have them any other way. Check them out today and you’ll definitely be able to stand squarely with just about any geek on the street — get started today!