eyeSight – A Gestures-based Interface for Android

If there was one new interesting technical gadget out, it would have to be the entire set of Android apps. Yes, the entire set. Just like iPhone apps, there are some Android apps that are a bit questionable, or that it’s clear that they need a bit more work and polish before they’re really ready for prime time. However, there’s a neat program that deserves a bit of a mention. It’s the eyeSight, an Android app that brings hand-waving and other gestures to the Android.

Indeed, eyeSight is not a native Android application, but something that had the libraries ported over to the Android platform. It’s just another example of how flexible Android really is — developers are really getting into moving things over to Android and then working on making them even better than they were on other platforms.

But that’s enough Android praise — you probably want to know what the eyeSight actually can do for you, right?

Right. The eyeSight system allows for the creation of Android apps that can change tracks, selectively choose which calls to answer and which ones to ignore, and show all your text messages with a simple wave of the hand.

Google has been rumored to be interested in the technology, but it looks like nothing has been announced on that front about doing anything with the technology as far as making it an official part of the standard development package.

Why report on something that’s still in its infant stages? Well, a lot of great technologies started out in this form. The eyeSight platform has a lot of potential to really change the way you interact with your phone. For example, the ability to simply use your hands and gesture at your phone will remove a lot of the accidental damage problems that plague cell phones in general. A quick example can be found in the moments where our hands are busy doing other things, like taking something out the oven or working with sticky flour. Instead of trying to wait for the perfect moment where your hands aren’t busy, you can simply gesture quickly and go back to taking care of the other things in your life.

Anything that takes away from the distractions of life without adding to them is definitely a good thing. Will developers get the message and develop something other than a fart detecting app? Only time will tell.