Four Free Photo-Printing Apps for the Android

For many mobile phone users, smartphones have taken the place of standard digital cameras. There are now ways to directly print photos from your phone as opposed to dealing with USB cables and MicroSD cards. Users of Android smartphones have a variety of free Android apps that will allow them to print their pictures from their Wi-Fi printers.

Brother’s iPrint & Scan

Quick Overview:

– Images scan directly to the smartphone
– Setup can be time consuming
– Some users feel PC printing is quicker.

Android smartphone users who have a Brother brand printer may enjoy the iPrint & Scan application. This app will search for all compatible Brother printers on the user’s wireless network; however, it is necessary to correctly configure the wireless network beforehand; this information can be found in the printer’s user manual. In addition, scans can be done remotely. Be advised that any photo that needs to be scanned must be physically placed on the scanning bed.

Canon’s Easy-PhotoPrint

Quick Overview:

– Compatible printers are searched via a wireless network
– Multiple photos can be chosen for batch printing
– Many pictures can be simultaneously printed.

This free app for Android allows users to wirelessly print their pictures from an SD Card or Android phone. Users are able to choose a maximum of 39 photos to simultaneously print, the amount of copies they wish to print and the kind of paper on which they want to print their pictures. While this application has received some great reviews, it is not compatible with all of Canon’s wireless printers. Those that are compatible will state as such in their manual.

HP’s iPrint Photo

Quick Overview:

– Photos can be cropped and edited before printing
– More than 200 of HP’s inkjet printers are supported
– Setup is quick and easy.

HP’s iPrint Photo is becoming a fast favorite among many Android phone users because its software can be setup quickly without much hassle. The app’s built-in tools allow Android phone users to take any picture on their smartphone and perform simple editing procedures before printing. With the compatibility of 200 HP printers as well as the availability for Apple iOS and Windows Mobile, this app has a wide fan base.

Polaroid’s PoGo

Quick Overview:

– Wi-Fi is not needed to print photos
– Custom frames and borders can be added to images
– Test prints show “iffy” color quality.

The PoGo app by Polaroid is the single Bluetooth printing application on the market to date. This free app lets users frame and print photos not only straight from their camera but also their from their photo gallery. Even though there is a large amount of frames from which to choose, most of them are fun and whimsical. Any phone with Bluetooth capabilities can be used in conjunction with PoGo, meaning the latest smartphones as well as the oldest handsets will be able to print photos.