Free Android Apps for All

Most of today’s consumers are keeping a close watch on their budget and cutting back on unnecessary expenses. Plus, everyone loves getting something for nothing. Thankfully for Android users, there are some fun and useful applications that are available at no cost.

Astro File Manager

As one can easily guess, the Astro File Manager is an app that allows users to manage their files. Even though this application is free, it runs like a premium for-cost app. With Astro, the user can open and read .zip files, send files, manage files, backup applications and so much more.


It is impossible to not mention Facebook – it is free and it is everywhere! Anyone who owns a computer and lives in a “developed” nation knows what Facebook is and has probably used it at one point of time. Now, there is a Facebook app just for Android users.


Everyone loves to decorate their phones with various wallpapers. Unfortunately, getting a great wallpaper usually costs money. But not with Backgrounds for Android. This free app showcases a surplus of 10,000 wallpapers, all for free.

Barcode Scanner

This awesome application lets the user access reviews, prices and other interesting information about a product by simply scanning its barcode. Android users will also appreciate the Barcode Scanner’s ability to decode the various QR Codes related to the Android applications found online. For those who are clamoring to download this app, all that is needed is to take a picture of any QR Code; this will take the user to the app’s download page at the Android Market.

Google Sky Map

Even though this Android app is not considered to be a useful tool, it is a fascinating one. This app brings a planetarium – created by Google – straight to the Android phone.


This application is extremely interactive, allowing the Droid user to edit their own audio files in order to create custom-made alarms and ringtones. Those who want to take their musical creations a step further can even make ringtones from scratch.


Shazam is another free music app that is tons of fun to use. By using Shazam, the Android user can identify any song playing in an instant. With its noise-filtering ability, this app can name a song playing even with loud background noise, making it functional in restaurants, outdoor arenas and almost anywhere else imaginable.