FYI – Interesting Background Information About the Android Operating System

Every since the Android operating system made its debut back in 2007, mobile device users across the world have come to love and rely on their Android phones. And throughout its short history in the mobile marketplace, Android has created many upgrades and updates to further feed the public’s frenzy for newer, better and faster technology.

This has given the older, standard smartphones a lot of competition. Truly, the cellular phone industry is no longer dominated by the Blackberry and iPhone. Because of the Android’s exploding popularity, it is worth the time to take a short look into its history in the modern world and how this mobile device invention came to fruition.

The Android Was Not Created by Google

The beginning history of the Android phone did not start within Google. Even though the credit is usually given to Google, going so far as to refer to Androids as “Google Phones,” the actually creators responsible for the Android Operating System are Andy Rubin and Rich Miner. In 2003, these co-developers sold their invention to Google for an undisclosed amount. However, Google waited several more years to release Android in order to further optimize this operating system for the general public.

The Open Handset Alliance’s Involvement With Android

Recently, the Open Handset Alliance, OHA, has become involved with the development of Android OS. Because of this joint development, mobile users will benefit from this multiple-company collaboration and the better advancements it will provide. Besides the company most closely associated with the Droid, Google, and the OHA mentioned above, there are other companies equally involved, despite the lack of press time. And all of these companies are nationally recognized.

The Variety Factor

Because of the OHA’s developments, users benefit from a greater amount of advanced handset options now available for all types of smartphones. For instance, iPhone users who find their headset cumbersome can choose from quit a few options. Or Blackberry users can trade in their old headset for one initially designed for Android phones.

The Popularity Factor

However, if you want the most options, using the “Google phone” is the best decision. Even many household-name cell phone makers are catching on and using some of the Android features to improve their own devices. Of course, the easier development and open-source aspects of the Android will always make Droid phones a popular choice.

The Android’s popularity is not solely limited to the United States. Droid users can even be found as far as Africa. And while the Blackberry and iPhone are more-recognized brand names, Android OS phones are used more than the average consumer believes. It is predicted that the number of users will only continue to grow.