Go Beyond 3G with the New Android Phone

Just got 3G? Well, we hate to break it to you, but you are definitely late. Way late. The new buzz is all about going 4G, and if you can go 4G with an Android phone, that’s even better. For those not in the loop, you might wonder why 4G is such a big deal — after all, isn’t it just the next generation of speed?

Yes, but it’s much more than that. The speeds can get pretty incredible, depending on the carrier you’re talking about. For example, Sprint’s 4G network runs on EV-DO, which naturally is CDMA/TDMA dependent. However, the latest version can reach speeds approaching 3.1 Mb/s. That’s not a slow data connection at all — videos get to your phone faster, web sites get to your phone faster, and transfers are pretty painless. Sprint has been rapidly expanding their 4G network, which means that as more phones that support the new generation become available, you’ll actually be able to take advantage of that speed.

When it comes to phones on the Android platform that support 4G at this time, your choices are a bit limited to start with. However, the Android trend has swelled in popularity to the point that it’s fast becoming the best selling smartphone around — giving BlackBerry and iPhone something to think about for sure!

As mentioned before, your choices are pretty much the Sprint EVO 4G and the Samsung Epic that has not yet been released. That won’t be released for another few weeks, but it’s part of the Samsung Galaxy S series. It’s called the Samsung Epic, and it will also be offered for Sprint networks.

Does that mean that T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T are staying out of the Android craze and the 4G frenzy? Definitely not, but it looks like they’re focusing more on spreading out their network before they jump forward with more phones. They could pick up the Epic for their network in a GSM version, if Samsung feels there’s enough demand for it.

Is it time for you to upgrade to 4G? Well, if you’re someone that really cares about speed, it’s definitely something to consider. Going 4G will make things a lot faster, but if you’re not due for a handset upgrade, you might want to think about whether or not you really have an extra hundred or two burning a hole in your pocket. If not, stick with 3G — 3G support is pretty strong now, so you shouldn’t have a problem.