Google Android review

Android is a new open source operating system and software platform for mobile phones. Many people are very excited about this platform, as it promises to unlock many very special opportunities to mobile phones users. But how does it stack up against the tried-and-tested platforms of today’s phones? Lets take a look at what makes Android a system unlike any other.

Unlike many predecessors, Android offers software completely free of charge. This means that Google is expecting some exciting user-created apps for the new phone. This seems to be the number one good thing about Android, the fact that anyone can obtain software,  anyone can create and use apps, and they can do it free of charge!

The apps on the Android platform are completely able to work with one-another, which really comes in handy. For example, you could select a contact from your phonebook, click on it, select find on map, and then you could go right to the map app in order to see where they live!

You will, of course, be able to use Android with 3G speed, which means that accessing the internet via a web browser will be absolutely no problem. You will also be able to access web pages exactly as they would appear on your web browser, which really helps cut down on the confusion when you are trying to find information.

It can also be used in touch screen, and of course can include all of these features. Android is also capable of a completely 3d user friendly interface. This means that things like 3d apps and games will be no problem. In fact, they will probably look better than ever! It is also very easy to mix 2d and 3d elements on Android.

It looks like Google has delivered a spectacular platform, and you can bet that you won’t be disappointed.