Help Your Kids Make the Grade with These Educational Android Apps

Children of all ages usually have one stumbling block — their schoolwork. Even if you have a top notch A student, it goes without saying that you will need to make sure that you have given them every resource possible for them to maintain their good grades.

When you know that you need to really make the grade, you should take comfort in the fact that the hot new Android phone that you gave your kids can actually help them really get a jump start on their education.

Don’t believe us? Check out these 5 education apps for Android!

1. Capital Quiz — students can learn their capitals with no trouble at all, thanks to this handy little Android app. There’s no need to fear not being able to help your children learn their capitals as long as you have this app loaded.

2. Sky Map — Your children are most likely highly curious about the world around them — why not make it easy on them with Sky Map? It’s a great app for Android that really makes astronomy fun for the whole family. Instead of feeling like there’s no way that you would ever be able to find out what those stars in the sky really match up to constellation-wise, you and your children can use the Sky Map Android app to really make the night sky light up.

3. My Pocket Prof — If your children complain about having to take notes, this is the perfect Android app for them. My Pocket Prof will keep their class notes organized and also handle their homework as well. This way there can be no real excuse for not getting homework done. There’s another element to this app that really makes it interesting — you will be able to create notes and even quizzes that can be sold to other students. This means that if your little students have a bit of an entrepreneurial streak, they’ll be able to get a little bit of extra money.

4. Formulas Lite — As the name implies, this Android app is all about helping your students manage basic formulas and other data that can help them ace their next tests. Of course, they won’t be able to actually use it on test day, but they can still get their studying done.¬†Even though Mac data recovery techniques are not perfect, your students will have something to study by even when their MacBook goes to service.

5. Pocket Knowledge –If you had to ask students what type of app they’d want, they’d naturally tell you that they want an app that can give them the answers they were hoping to get in the first place. Pocket Knowledge will accept just about any question you can think of and spit back an answer that you can squirrel away to be used at another time. This could even make your family discussions more interesting, as debates can be quickly solved with this handy little Android app.

Overall, helping your kids make the grade isn’t just a one time thing — it’s truly a process. These Android apps should definitely help your kids get where they want to go in virtually no time at all — why not get started today?